HVP Dang Volunteers Report, September 2008


I'm writing this report from the roof of the Children's Peace Home in Parsa, where myself and five other volunteers from Durham and Cambridge Universities have spent an unforgettable six weeks. We came to Nepal with the aim of teaching, but the experience has been so much more than that. I personally feel I have learnt far more from the people at HVP and their way of life than I could ever give back in terms of English language skills or the lessons we gave at the school.


The welcome we received at HVP was wonderful. The school has a very special atmosphere, discernible the moment you walk through the gate. The children are bright and cheerful, excitable and keen to greet you: "Namaste Sir! Namaste Miss!" Again and again we were impressed by how talented the students here are. Nepali children are far less inhibited than English children when it comes to celebrating and participating in school life and we really appreciated this. The program which ran on Krishna's birthday with dancing, singing, poetry and drawing competitions was very special. It was also fantastic to see such a high level of academic ability in spite of the troubled background of many of the children.


We soon settled into the school routine, walking through lush paddy fields to catch the bus (most days!!), returning just as the sun was setting over the mountains. We had been expecting to teach English Language skills but were also pleasantly surprised to find ourselves giving lessons in a range of subjects- Computer Science, Science, Health and Population- alongside poetry, journalism and life skills such as letter writing and job applications. Learning how to control and hold a class has been an immensely confidence-building experience for all of us. In return the children have taught us a huge amount about Nepali culture- including how to play (and to be beaten in) Kopardy! We all felt that we really got to know our classes over the last month and a half and we will miss them very much.


Although we loved teaching and being at the school, living at the Children's Peace Home has been the highlight of our trip. We feel completely at home here and it is going to be an immense wrench to all of us when we come to leave. Parsa is, as Belle-Miss said: heaven on earth- and that's just the surrounding landscape. As for the people, the children who live here are an inspiration- sharp, witty and unspeakably generous in their time and their affections. We feel like we have a close friend in each and every one of them. They are so happy to be here, living as one huge family. The evening prayer sessions with their mixture of dancing, singing and storytelling are something we will always remember, especially now we know the words to several songs by heart! Swimming (and the accompanying mud fights) at the river with the children, Sultina's cooking, Mr. Yogi's stories, morning yoga and rotee eating competitions are just a few of the treasured memories we will take away with us. We also felt honoured to take part in Teej, which was a lot of fun- even though we were starving (much to the children's amusement!).


The door of my room is open and I can hear the sound of building work from the garden below. Just over a week ago trees and undergrowth began to be cleared for a new hall between the main building and the kitchen, which will give the children a new space to study at CPH. At the moment the wall is about waist high and is going up fast. This also creates a new space in the main building which will become the CPH library. Shiny new furniture is arriving and everybody is very excited about the new living and working arrangements. We feel very lucky to have been here for the start of the project and to see the first set of books arrive for the library. A new bright yellow school bus has allowed HVP to expand its numbers by approximately a hundred students. The bus, being second hand, had some initial engine problems but is now much more reliable than it was.


Banu has told me that English people say "thank you" a lot, even for little things like extra rice on your plate. In Nepal the word dhanyabad is only used when someone has done something truly exceptional for you. We cannot say dhanyabad enough to Mr. Yogi, the teachers and students at HVP and everybody at the Peace Home for looking after us and making us feel so welcome over the last 6 weeks. The children keep telling us: 'never forget'- and I can safely say we never will.


Laura Kilbride, Cambridge Volunteers in Nepal

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HVP Dang: Spreading Its Wings

As my time in HVP Dang draws to a close I thought it would be nice to reflect upon my experiences over the last three months and report on the developments here. This is the second time I visited Dang having first volunteered for HVP in the summer of 2006. So much has changed in just over a year!

During my first visit I lived in the school in Ghorahi with my friend Vicky Biggs. We were the first volunteers to work in Dang after a long spell of absence due to the political unrest over the past years. The school seemed like it was recovering from the troubles and finding its feet again. I could sense the students and teachers were searching for energy to lift the spirits of the school community that had suffered due to the nation's conflicts. My most poignant memories were that of the children – particularly the borders living at the school. I felt we were all one family living together, sharing in our laughter, joys and even the occasional outbreak of tummy-bug! It was very hard for me to leave my 'family' back then.

This time around I have returned with my good friend Erin Jarvis to find that the special fellowship in HVP Dang has continued to blossom. I say this in light of the new initiatives and programs that have taken shape. In particular, the Children's Peace Home (CPH) stands out as the most promising project in Dang.

The CPH is based at the Yogi home in Parsa which is some distance away from the hum-drum of Ghorahi. It is a secret heaven. Previous visitors to Parsa will remember the serene beauty surrounding the Yogi home – lush hills, effervescent paddy fields, eagles, mad dogs, barmy goats, grumpy oxen and mangos (although we didn't get any of those this time)! All that still remains but with the addition of a hidden facility to house the sponsored children of the school. Two hostels neighbour the Yogi house which itself has been renovated – new toilets, showers and rooms for the volunteers!

Living at the CPH has been a moving experience. My duties as a volunteer have not changed as such – I still teach, plan lessons, take part with extra curricular activities and so on, only this time I have had a chance to deepen my own spirituality in Dang. This is not simply a result of the natural beauty in Parsa, but the very nature of the CPH. The children are there not just to receive a formal education, to learn a curriculum and pass exams. The children are being taught how to be good human beings. They pray together, work for each other (preparing meals from the field all the way to the table!) and learn to be happy with what they have. These sponsored children were previously living with the fully-paying students in Ghorahi, and this created a source of tension between the students. Those who did not have much wanted more.

This reminds me of an old Chinese saying which states that the greatest form of happiness is to be content with what you have. The sponsored children are happy. In many ways I think they are now at an advantage over their peers – and rightly so, because they will no doubt need that 'edge' in the big wide world. They are developing practical skills such as farming and cooking, through which they learn the value of hard work. When I first heard about the CPH back in England I was a little sceptical because I thought that the sponsored children were being pushed into vocational training and deprived of the main education system. This is not the case. The children are still pushed in their studies and in fact I have found they tend to out-perform their peers in class. Their English level is much improved too as they live with all the visiting volunteers.

The underlying spiritual ethos of the CPH has rubbed off on me. As a volunteer I had the chance to live the lives of the students in essence – praying, working, eating, playing, going to school etc. The experience has made me appreciate what I have and also challenged my outlook on life. Here are children who have had so much more to deal with in life than I may ever experience, yet they get on with life - working hard, enjoying the simple things and having great hope for the future.

There are many new important projects also taking place in Dang. A new unit hospital is being built for the local Disabled People's Organisation. A care home is being developed to help the elderly in the locality. It seems HVP is spreading its wings to help more members of the community, and rightly so. With the ongoing pressure from certain political groups it is only wise that not all eggs are put in one basket, so to speak. By serving in a multitude of ways HVP is opening more doors for the future. Should one close, then all is not lost. Most importantly, I believe the original aims of the organisation were to help society through social work, not just specifically tied to education but in all manner of ways.

As I prepare to leave Dang for the second time I hope and pray that HVP continues to expand and flourish as it as been doing over the last 18 months. I am sad to leave this wonderful place (and Auntie's cooking!) and look forward to the day I will return to my 'family' once again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Bhola Ji and my HVP Dang family.

By Anthony Gomes

Email: spookstoni@hotmail.com

February 2008

"The nightmare which was not a dream"

by Human Rights

I had a dream in which little kids were crying, parents begging, fathers jailed, police officers dragging little kids in their cars as if they were little criminals. And the nightmare went on as I saw Refugees being abused and then some more divorced fathers begging to see their kids.

On the other side of the street I saw the Polish, French, Africans and many more foreigners crying badly as they lost their kids .And then I saw many depressed adults, alcoholics coming out of Foster Homes. And suddenly I saw kids taking drugs and committing suicide.

That dream was full of blood, tears and pains .I woke up and realized that it wasn’t a nightmare at all, that was the reality, and the human rights violations I have seen in Germany and have been carrying with me for many years.

I then took the pen and wrote this story as everyone in the world knows what it means to be abused and tortured. But the worst is when your voice is either stopped, blocked, not heard or even ignored as the Human Rights violations go on and on.

Essays on Ghandi's Programme from HVP Students
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Hindu Vidyapeeth-Nepal (HVP)

Hindu Vidyapeeth-Nepal (HVP) is an educational institute run on a non-profit basis by Matribhoomi Sevak Sangh(MSS). MSS is a socio-cultural organization devoted to development of society through disciplined, dynamic and well cultured individuals. HVP-Nepal has been emerging as a centre for providing value based education and selfless service to all. Under the Private Educational Trust HVP currently has three branches in Balkumari, Thali and Dang.

HVP aims to produce a generation of capable, dynamic, committed and thoughtful individuals who would devote their lives for world peace. HVP emphasizes the development in students of ideals such as love, peace, harmony, tolerance, fraternity and non-violence.

Hindu Vidyapeeth-Nepal,
Balkumari, Lalitpur
P.O. Box No.: 6807
Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone No. : 00977-1- 5527924
Email: hvpn@wlink.com.np

Seeds of Peace

Ethics, Enthusiasm and Fun!

During our 6 month stay here in Kathmandu, my son Matthew and I tried to attend as many Saturday morning Seeds of Peace meetings as we could. These meetings are held from (a very early for me!) 8am to 9.30, and are attended by various children who live in the vicinity of the Shanti Sewa Ashram, Bal Kumari. The children come from all kinds of backgrounds and communities including Dalit and ethnic groups - all are welcomed, regardless of caste or creed. They have very little or no ethical education in the government or so-called “modern” English medium schools, which rarely offer any kind of “holistic“ education. The Seeds of Peace meetings offer them some moral and cultural values, which are sadly declining in Nepal’s academic-results-driven education system.

The meetings are run selflessly by members of the Youth Society of Peace members, Jaganath, Minakshi, Sujan and Laxman, to name just a few, and are an excellent opportunity for young children to come together, make friends, and learn. “Lessons” (actually more fun sessions than lessons) include topics such as their culture, yoga, festivals, bhajans (spiritual songs) and above all the opportunity to have a bit of fun! Matthew (aged 8 )enjoyed the programs as much as the local children, and made lots of new friends too!

The children obviously enjoy these programs because they turn up - on average about 40 children each week - whatever the weather (and the mornings here, particularly in the winter are jolly cold!) .They participate fully in whatever program has been arranged for them. An average week will include a physical game or yoga, some kind of lesson or teaching, a bhajan or two and often some kind of creative program - drawing, colouring or making something. I have been regularly impressed by the attention shown by all of the children, whose ages range from 3 or 4 up to 14 or 15, and of the way they whole heartedly enter into participating in the activities. My input has been mostly on the creative side - providing pictures for the children to colour and pens and pencils etc, thanks to the generosity and support of my friends and family back home in the UK. The children really love this kind of activity - the pleasure they get from these simple activities, and their attention to detail and pencil control whilst they are totally engrossed in their activities, are a pleasure to behold. It is a humbling experience to see children so enjoying themselves so much in such a simple way. The older children look after the younger ones - helping them to write their names on their work, and assisting in cutting out their work etc

During my stay here too, I have witnessed feeding programs where a friend of the Ashram attended and distributed food to all the children, a program where children from another Ashram came along and played instruments and sang bhajans to our children, and programs where children from an orphanage came along to join in, and were welcomed by the other children with open arms.

Supporters of the Ashram have also recently taken the children to various places of spiritual interest to expand their knowledge and understanding of their environment and culture. This trip was arranged on the HVP School bus, and was, to some, the first time out of Bal Kumari - with or without their parents. The children visited Pashupatinath, to increase knowledge of Hindu religion, Bauddha, which is Buddhist and a Mosque too. All these places are close by and easily accessible, but without the Ashram and the Seeds of Peace organisation, the children would have had little or no knowledge of these places.

The main objective of the Ashram is to serve humanity through spirituality, and one could say that it all starts with the children. Dr Chintamani Yogi’s belief that the children and youth of our generation will be the next to serve the community is reflected by his support of this and other programs for young people. Input at such a young age provides children with the opportunity to learn, voluntarily, whilst enjoying themselves, about their country and culture. They are encouraged to start thinking at a very young age how to help each other and begin to serve humanity. Nepali children have lots of obstacles in their lives to contend with, poverty, political conflict, media pressure and being ignored to name but a few. I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have participated in these programs, and look forward to returning to Nepal in years to come, to see these youngest of children grow into young people and adults who have a clear understanding and concept of their environment and culture and how they can contribute to their countrys peaceful development.

Sue Cooper - UK Volunteer (thesuecooper@hotmail.com)

*A UK volunteer, Sue Cooper, has contributed to the school in significant and varied capacities. She held a teacher training program for our female teachers to enhance teaching quality, and is currently teaching several lower school c lasses, is involved in various promotional activities and in the running of a Children’s Creativity Program for Shanti Sewa Ashram. Most importantly she brought her lovely son Matthew with her, who has been studying in grade 2 at HVP.


My Time in HVP School, Lalitpur

- Matthew Cooper, Class 2

My name is Matthew Cooper and I am 8 years old. I studied in HVP School for 6 months, in Class 2, and I am going to tell you my story….

One day my mum told me that she wanted to do some voluntary work in a country I had never heard of, called Nepal. “Would you like to come?” she asked. I answered “OK”, but I began to wonder what it would be like in Nepal. I wondered what school I would go to, how big the school would be, what would my classroom be like, but most of all, I hoped the children would be nice to me - I was a bit scared!

When I saw the school, I thought it looked big but welcoming. Then I met the Head Master, Mr Yogi, and I thought “What a kind and friendly man”, he made me feel confident about the school. I felt calmer, and then I discovered that I was the first child from the UK to study here. I was amazed to hear that, and I began to look forward to going to school - until I heard that you have to go to school for 6 days a week, instead of 5 in Nepal- then I was shocked!

My uniforms (there are two - so that Mum can keep up with the washing!!) were pretty smart! To get them, I was measured in a shop and a tailor made it specially for me. Ghanshyam Sir gave me a Topi and belt and I was ready to go! The teachers were really kind to me and explained how everything worked, where my classrooms were, and introduced me to the children. The children were absolutely great, they were happy to have me in their class, and I felt very pleased that they were so friendly. At first they were a bit excited and followed me everywhere - even to the toilet! But soon they got used to me, then I could play with them just like I play with my friends at home.

The school itself is similar to my school in Guildford, in the UK, but the toilets are very different - Nepali style! Also in Nepal they have metal desks and benches - at home we have tables and chairs.

My favourite teachers are Shanta Miss and Kalpana Miss, because they spoil me with lots of hugs, and even fruit at break times.

I have really enjoyed my time at HVP School, thanks to my mum for bringing me, and the teachers and children for being so warm and welcoming. When my friends at home ask me how I enjoyed going to school in Nepal, I will tell them it was great and how lucky I feel to have been the first boy from the UK to have studied here. If any other children from the UK or anywhere else are thinking of coming to Nepal to go to school I would say “DO IT!”. I have learned lots of things from the teachers and children, and will always remember going to school here.

Eid and Christmas Festivals Celebrated with Children: PAKISTAN.

O Lord, Make me an Instrument of Peace”: St. Francis Assisi

The Cooperation Circles of the United Religions Initiative (URI) Pakistan

Tehreek Taraque Insaniate- CC and Peace & Development Foundation and Art with Peace (Youngster Group and want to be URI CC) hold significant and meaningful event on 23rd December, evening at Gulberg-11, Lahore.

In this joint event a number of students from St. Peter’s School, St. Mary’s School, St. Anthony School, City College, Bashir Memorial High School, Arthur Memorial School and PDF Sunday school around Lahore consisting Muslim and Christian students participated in great zeal spirit of love and peace on their eves.

While interfaith dignities grace the occasion successful in true spirit of religious harmony. Dr.Kanwal Feroze URI Pioneer member preside over the function.

The Chief Guest was Fr.Nadeem Francis, National Coordinator of National Council for Interfaith Dialogue and Major (Retd.) Irfan Gill Deputy Secretary Aquf Deptt. Govt. of Punjab, Sahib Zada Saeed ur Rehman grand Imam of Liberty Market Mosque, Gulberg, Lahore. Nazams of city Government, Social Worker, Peace builder and Coordinators of CCs in Lahore were the guest of honors.

The program was stared with prayer of Child Inam.

Mr. Yuel Bhatti welcomes all the guests and participants and greets the Eid and Christmas Mubarik. Mr. Akhter Murad Coordinator Peace & Development Foundation read out the messages of Fr. James Channan OP, Regional Coordinator URI Pakistan and Ms: Sally Maha URI Head office-USA was very much appreciated by audiences.

Mr. Younis Khan Programe Officeer of Tehreek Taraq Insanite -CC and Ms:Samuel Gill from PWA compared the whole ceremony.

Eid & X-Mas Quize: Miss Ambar Khan conducted the competition of

Quiz regarding Eid and X-Mas was very interesting to know the each other religion festivals and their holy Books. The Muslims and Christian Children deeply took part and get awarded the prizes.

Fun and Games: The members of Peace with Arts, Abrham , Shumila, Nabeel, Sharoon conducted the games. The children were involved in fun and Indoor games by eating together in fun and awarded the prizes. They also involve the Guests in Games. And guest also participated in fun and games were amazing experiences.

Peace Candle enlightened followed by Peace Songs & X-Mas Carols : The Peace Candle was enlighten by Chief Guest along with Disguised guest afterward the Childen along with PWA members. The Choir St. Marry Walton Road, Lahore. Sung beautiful and thrilling Peace songs and X-Mas Carols while Mr. Munir Shahzad and join in solo songs and carol warm the audience in true spirit of message of X-Mas.

X-Mas Tableau Prince of Peace: Sunday school of Peace and Development Foundation performed beautiful story of Birth of Christ. The artist wears the beautiful historic costume. It is real story of Birth of Christ “Prince of Peace” who came here in this world for whole humanity especially for oppressed community. His teaching loves your naberor as your self. Here is no discretion who is your nabour either which religion. So Christ teaching is religious harmony. His teaching “Share the burden each others to fulfill the Christianity teaching. At the end of play the artist of play sing beautiful X-Mas joining with gathering.

Mr. B.M Louise prominent teacher said that X-Mas Tableau is so heart felt & thrilling I am much impressed with all efforts and polished the Character by Mrs. Yuel Bhatti In charge Sunday School who rehearsal and trained the character in three days is marvelous and all are deserving for prizes. I have observed being the teacher the Organizers put real zeal and enesthusism for Celebration of two eve gather is an example such program is not held any where in Pakistan like that. God Bless you.

Sahidza Saeed ur Rehman: I am much impressed with all celebration to gather is real example of religious harmony our Madrsa’s Children are also attend the program is great honor for me. Mr. Bhatti and His team always hold the functions reflecting and shining the true spirit of Peace and love. I wish you all my Christian Brother and Sister warm and Happy Christmas and coming New Year.

Fr. Nadeem Francis: Chief Guest said in his speech that “Today’s event is reflecting true spirit of URI PPP and I have observed several time Mr. Yuel Bhatti hold historic event. I know him since 1985 when He was the Principal of St. Micahel School and keen in Education. Now his Peace Education Program and spreading the Peace and harmony among the religions is amazing. In the profound Leadership of Fr.James Channan OP, URI-Pakistan got outstanding position in Pakistan, spreading Inter-religious dialogues for Peace even worldwide. The URI mission in Pakistan is growing day by day. Both Leaders were awarded Peace Award -2007 on 8th December 20007.

He also pray that May the prayers comes true which the Muslims brothers and sisters offered and their sacrifices on Eid & May Almighty God accept their commitments. Ameen. “

Dr.Kanwal Feroze: in his presidential speech said I congratulate the Organizers of the event specially Mr. Yuel, Mr. Younis, Mr. Akhter Murad ,Mrs. Shama Murad, Mrs. Younis Khan & Mrs. Yuel Bhatti along with all family members for successful and amazing event of the year in where all life of People involved and specially children, youth, ladies and gents. 1993 in first meeting of Tehreek Taraqe-E-Insaniate. (TTI) I was present & TTI got many achievements in community development. Since it’s affiliated with URI. Mr. Yuel is more dedicated in promoting Peace and his recent visit of USA to attend the United Nation DPI/NGO conference and represent the URI-Pakistan is true example of his great work. Today all events present in this great show, are excellent in performance and meaning full too. I pray for more success of all groups who organized such a wonderful event and warm us in true spirit of X-Mas & Eid Celebration is religious harmony & Peace . I Congratulate, warm and blessed Eid and X-Mas to all the Nation.

Prizes and gifts distribution: All the children who attended this event muslims & christian, participated in games, Quize and took part in Talue, Choir member were distributed the prizes and gift of Eid and X-Mas by the Chief Guest, Guest of honor and members of TTI- PDF presented the gifts among the children consisting on Blankets, Holy Books, Book and stationary and eatable stuff. They warmly and joyfully received.

Mr. Yuel Bhati Specially present a wooden decoration piece with holy verse of Quran were written to Grand Imam of Liberty Masque Sahibzada Saeed ur Rehman which he received warmly with gratitude and said I will put it in the mosque.

At the end Mr. Younis Khan thanks all the participants who make this event colorful and successful recite the Prayer three times with all participants gather.

May Peace Prevail in Pakistan!

May Peace Prevail on Earth!

250 Participants enjoyed with high teak tea with refreshment and Christmas cake.

Yuel Bhatti,


Peace & Development Foundation

& ABC4All Mentor-Pakistan

Shanti Sewa Ashram - Hopes and Dreams

Sue Cooper, UK Volunteer (submitted by Dr. C. Yogi)

Shanti Sewa Ashram, situated in Koteshwor , Kathmandu, just 15 minutes walk from HVP Central, continues to be a community and spiritual centre and hub of activity. The Ashram has recently been extended, and now consists of 3 floors providing ample space for the community groups who use it.

To read Sue Cooper's report and Damian Woods' "Helping Children Study" report CLICK! here.

Dr. Chintamani Yogi

Dr. Yogi has been serving humanity for the past two decades. Dr. Yogi's contribution is substantial towards culture, education and social service, particularly in Nepal.

Dr. Yogi was born in Dang in 2020 B. S. (1963 A.D). He is an internationally renowned philosopher and orator, leading with vision and firm commitment to humanitarian goals.

Dr. Yogi is helping several institutions worldwide. He is coordinator and founder principal of HVP Schools, founder of SSA and SVE, patron of YSP, and chairperson of NICMN. He has also been closely associated with several national and international organizations such as HVP-UK, HVPSG-USA, FPS-USA, COE-USA. With the philosophy of “The world: just one family”+, he has been traveling throughout the world to promote values and peace.

Website: www.cmyogi.org
Email : cmyogi (at) wlink (dot) com.np

kayiwa fred from Uganda writes a very touching, moving original piece.
Thank you Fred.

I want to celebrate with you all that you are!
I want to celebrate with you all the times
you have assisted people from your heart
and not been acknowledged for it!
People assist each other in countless ways.
You are assisting already just by reading this
and seeing flood survivors in Uganda in your minds eye
on dry ground, with clean dry clothes, clean water,
food, drugs they require in order to survive
and by surrounding them with thoughts of loving care
and a sense of calm and connection with others.
Thank you for reading this far!
Reaching out to people in Uganda who are affected by floods,
by sending resource with loving care,
is a perfect opportunity to give expression to your inherent compassion,
and to make friends with that part of yourself,
opening up new worlds of friendship with others.
This is a great opportunity I would like to offer to you.
I would not otherwise say this, but honestly, the people here are in real danger
In the north, the type of house built is for mud, and when the water came,
it took all the houses leaving the poor houseless people.
When you give drugs, clothes and  food you will have saved many lives here.
I can take your help and represent you.
If you feel you cannot help with physical resource
because of your personal circumstances,
please surround these souls with comfort in your prayers,
and if you send physical resource even when it seems you can't,
may you be blessed in return a millionfold.
Thank you again and again for your kind attention!!

Love from kayiwa fred
+256782371003 KAMPALA UGANDA

kayiwa fred
OneReaching Another
p.o.box 3490
kampala uganda

Subject: Gandhi Jayanti.....

Dear Friends

Here is an article written by Damian Ji about Gandhi Jayanti and Int. Day of Non- Violence. Hope you will like reading it, thanks.

cm yogi

Principal - Hindu VidyaPeeth-Nepal
Founder - Shanti Sewa Ashram
Patron - Youth Society for Peace
Founder - Society for Value Education
Chief Coordinator- Inter Faith Council-Nepal
Po.Box: 6807, Kathmandu, Nepal, Ph. 00977- 1- 5527924 /5

     A Celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s anniversary…… 

Many gathered at the Shanti Sewa ashram in Kathmandu, Nepal, for a special program to mark the life and message of Mahatma Gandhi- apostle of peace. This landmark Satsanga was fittingly organized by the InterFaith Council. The date-Oct 2nd 07- has only recently been announced by the UN council as INTERNATIONAL DAY OF NON-VIOLENCE- a date now established as an annual monument to the message of the Mahatma…. 

The proceedings started as always with a bhajan or two- it always amazes me how such a rich and transporting sound can be made with Hindu style rhythm and melody, a tambourine and a few other simple instruments- perhaps its more to do with the distinctive Bhakti- devotion- inherent in the pulse of Hinduism and shining in the faces and voices that raise to the cyclical beat of the Bhajan- in any case, it never fails to move me. 

And yet, true to Gandhi’s universal message, this meeting was anything but exclusively

Hindu, with constant references and respect shown for all the major religions, the lighting of lamps by representatives of different faiths, as well as prayers and songs of and for Krishna, Jesus and Buddha, and of course Ram and Sita…- a joyous celebration of the essence of all the religions, and a testament to Gandhi’s teaching: ‘Truth is the trunk and the different religions are the branches of the trunk- all lead to God’.  

Though much of the talk given by Chintamani yogi ji was in Nepali (and therefore beyond my understanding) I still was able to pick out the key words and wisdom central to the Mahatma’s life: Ahimsa- nonviolence (I particularly love the Mahatma’s famous quip: “follow ‘an eye for an eye’ and we will only go and make the whole world blind”), God is Truth, God is Love. We are all equally Children of God. These are the spiritual truths taught, but more importantly lived by Gandhi ji: “My life is my message”. 

His integrity was able to stir even the deadened world of politics, leading ultimately to the freedom of India, and yet he was the humblest and most ordinary of men. But through indomitable commitment to the principles of peace, his life reached such a caliber that it lead Albert Einstein to remark: “Future generations will scarce believe that such a man in flesh and blood ever walked upon the earth”. 

These, along with much more, were the messages of this moving Satsanga, delivered by Chintamani ji with his enigmatic and lively manner- so much so that he frequently burst into lovely songs mid sentence!! The event saw various speakers and singers of a variety of faiths offering their contributions. All were eagerly and equally received by a congregation that included guests from many organizations, among them women of ‘Gandhi’s ashram’- women who have come from difficult and underprivileged backgrounds and who we felt graced to have with us. 

The occasion was especially blessed by the presence of a world renowned singer and Buddhist monk- Aani Cchoing Dolma- and she amazed all with exquisite recitals of spiritual songs dear to Gandhi. Her voice is phenomenal- able to achieve subtleties so rarified the notes go straight to the heart, and the silent pauses seem pregnant with pranic energy. She sang several Hindu songs, but also wanted to show a ‘gesture of respect to the church’ by singing ‘amazing grace’ in perfect gospel style. 

The remarkable event ended with joyous dancing, singing and Prasad- the Hindu version of light refreshments!!! 

(Written by Damian Woods- a volunteer teacher at Hindu Vidyapeeth schools in Nepal, lead by principal Chintamani Yogi ji- the host speaker of the Gandhi program) Please feel free to email: damianjlwoods@yahoo.co.uk or visit www.hvpuk.org.uk  to find out more about Hindu Vidyapeeth)

Keith Pecot offers this outstanding progress report of his missionary work in the world:

Hi Burt! 
I am doing very well.  I am still working full time for a commercial flooring contractor, trusting God to allow me to go full time into missions work.  Still planning to return to Uganda, possibly this year.  Just returned this morning from the Dominican Republic where we began the renovation of the home and headquarters of a missionary couple, Rick and Debbie  Hutchinson, to the DR and Haiti.  We were able to go into the village and give some candy, clothes, toys, and school supplies to the children.  I hope to go back to complete the renovation and bring provisions for them and the local villages.  There is so much need in countries around the world, as you know.  I am currently partnering with two ladies to set up Seeds For Life, a global humanitarian relief organization.  Also, I am working with my church, New Life Christian Fellowship, who is very active around the world building churches, schools, and feeding children, etc.  I plan to assist them in allowing God to use us to do more to improve the lives of people around the world.  I plan to go to Atlanta in a month or so, to work with Rescue Atlanta (ministry to the homeless), in order to learn from them to help launch homeless ministry here in Brevard County.

I have been very busy and hope to partner with ABC4All in future projects.

An Article that Heralds Peace Home (a model for Children's Homes of the World)

Dr. C. M. Yogi, HVP Central Founder Principal/ Coordinator, Hindu Vidyapeeth schools, Balkumari, Lalitpur, Nepal has shared with us Hannah Humphry-Baker's moving / touching description that brings home that THE WORLD CAN BE A BETTER PLACE FOR ALL CHILDREN.

Thank you!  This essay will be posted at http://abc4all.net/essay.htm


Namaskar dear friends,

An article of few words, really I can not express my gratitude.

Thank you and sincere love,


The New Peace Home in Parsa, Dang


I return from Parsa and the Peace Home there. I already miss the noise. Not the noise I am used to of busy people with busy lives; arriving, leaving, worrying about what has been done and what needs to be done. I miss the noise of the now; nature talking, people working hard, the noise of a peaceful world.


I was taught not to want and yet I want to rest here. I want to live amongst the people that love. They love each other and they love the home in which they are living and learning. The children here are grateful. They appreciate all they have. And so I have much to learn from them. I should be more grateful.


In this place I relish in the simplicity of life. I come here not just to breathe the clean air, walk bare foot and listen to the noise. I come to learn. I come to be taught. I come to remember.


Mr. Yogi tells me stories each day. Sometimes about the traditions of the culture here, sometimes about the philosophy's he has studied, sometimes about Yoga. I listen with interest. And most of the time he tells me about what he feels about God. And everything he says to me I feel is coming from my heart. I realise that I am not alone. I remember that I am connected to this world and everything in it. I remember that as a child I wanted to love and serve God. I remember that this is all there is. And I feel deep strength. And I smile at how beautiful the world can be.


Mr. Yogi has shown me the true meaning of love and devotion. He has shown me this through his teachings and through the life that he has made for himself. He runs a home. He runs a home for children who have come from hardship. Many have lost their parents. Many have suffered. Yet these children live under one roof in harmony. They work hard. They want to please. They want to serve. They smile because they are happy. They sing. They dance. They pray because they are thankful. I am reminded to be thankful.


What we can say in words is limited. Some people I have met in here I have not said more than a few words to, yet kindness and love can still be expressed. This is what really makes us happy. The children sponsored here have been given a chance to grow up in a place where love is in abundance. These children not only study hard in school, they are also learning day to day how to live in the world; to respect others, to serve, to love, to be thankful. Indeed I have so much to learn from them.


Burton Danet, Ph.D., Co-Founder, ABC4All http://abc4all.net

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message July 22, 2007 | 2:01 PM
cafetrock has sent you a message:

I could not resist sharing this. The TRUTH is sometimes BITTER.



A few years ago a group of salesmen went to a regional sales convention in Chicago. They had assured their wives that they would be home in plenty of time for Friday night's dinner. In their rush, with tickets and briefcases, one of these salesmen inadvertently kicked over a table, which held a display of apples. Apples flew everywhere. Without stopping or looking back, they all managed to reach the plane in time for they nearly missed boarding.

ALL BUT ONE!!! He paused, took a deep breath, got in touch with his feelings, and experienced a twinge of compassion for the girl whose apple stand had been overturned. He told his buddies to go on without him, waved good-bye, told one of them to call his wife when they arrived at their home destination and explain his taking a later flight. Then he returned to the terminal where the apples were all over the terminal floor. He was glad he did.

The 16-year-old girl was totally blind! She was softly crying, tears running down her cheeks in frustration, and at the same time helplessly groping for her spilled produce as the crowd swirled about her, no one stopping and no one to care for her plight.

The salesman knelt on the floor with her, gathered up the apples, put them back on the table! And helped organize her display. As he did this, he noticed that many of them had become battered and bruised; these he set aside in another basket.

When he had finished, he pulled out his wallet and said to the girl, "Here, please take this $40 for the damage we did. Are you okay?" She nodded through her tears. He continued on with, "I hope we didn't spoil your day too badly."

As the salesman started to walk away, the bewildered blind girl called out to him, "Mister...." He paused and turned to look back into those blind eyes. She continued, "Are you GOD?"

He stopped in mid-stride, and he wondered. Then slowly he made his way to catch the later flight with that question burning and bouncing about in his soul: "Are you GOD?"
Do people mistake you for GOD?

ABC4All has tremendously contributed immensely to the life of many people and organizations globally. Without any iota of doubt, I need not be told that they are God to many and are going to many places. Are you there and desire to be like Burton Danet or your organization like ABC4All just like I desire even to go extra miles?

Behold, a journey of a thousand miles starts one day. But ask yourself, "Can I go as far as being a GOD to someone out there?"
Have you contributed for the good living of someone today or has your organization done so?
I am a co-founder to my wife's non-governmental/not for profit organization TREASURELAND HEALTH BUILDERS.
(Formally known as, Treasureland Foundation) But as a pastor, a member in the church once asked me that if he has his tithe to pay and behold someone there that is desperately in need of that money and he's dieing, what should be his responsibility?

I quickly asked him where the person was and where is the tithes because we cannot waist time. This is because it is good to save a life than to pay tithe. WHO EATS THE TITHES by the way? MAN! So, let's give it to the man in righteousness.

That's our destiny, is it not? To be so much like GOD that people cannot tell the difference as we live and interact with a world that is blind to His love, life and grace.
If we claim to know Him, we should live, walk and act as He would. Knowing Him is more than simply quoting Scripture and Quo ran and going to church and mosque. It's actually living the Word as life unfolds day to day.

You are the apple of His eye even though we, too, have been bruised by a fall. He stopped what He was doing and picked you and me up on a hill called Calvary and paid in full for our damaged fruit.
Please share this to other organizations.

SERVICE to humanity is GODLINESS!
LIFE is indispensable, SAVE IT!

FROM BOB CHEW, ABC4All Co-Founder:

When anybody goes out of his/her way to serve others it is noticed in Spirit and with Source.
There is really very little, if any, that is missed by God or SOURCE.
When it comes time to confess our shortfalls and shortcomings; It is only
between Source and You..
What number of times we missed giving thanks to Source is all recorded.
If you and I had over 55,000 meals, and we said grace at 22,000 of those, SOURCE knows.
If you had forgotten to tip a waitress for good service and to:  TIP is All about To Insure Promptness = isn't that what a waiter or waitress is supposed to do?
Would you feel better if the food were cold and you were waiting 10-15 minutes longer because she felt others had priority over you or your guests?
How often do we reflect on the service of others anyway?
Can I share and preach the word for one and two hundred and one the same way... I have done that with no indifference to the one person who showed up for service one Sunday, I felt that I still gave it my best and my best was well received.
We are full of choices we make every hour and every day... Our disposition as it gets challenged sometimes can be wrought with love or peace or even overtaken with anger.  when we fess up later, it is really uncool to get mad at any one or any thing people say.  Jesus was such a great example of temperament and patience.  Let us all rejoice in the people study we bring to the world.
If we really don't do it for the money, at least we set priorties to do it to help the most or more deserving.
Those are choices we make with our time to help maybe a few dozen more over here and vs. the one we almost walked away from as he/she was begging at the door.... You see we really don't know that one time it might have been a special angel that was testing us to see where are priorities really were grounded or in the moment for "the show and tell to larger audiences".  Remember we do things for our reasons and should not have to do them for other people's reasons...we live with our decisions and we die with our decisions on food and drink choices.. I have been blessed with many insights as to what may cause our body to reject the bad food or drinks and then to showcase the better choices later.
Today we have arrived to tell the world via our own BCNEXUS that we can do much, much better and to watch for our own ways to grade our watch of the next 1,000 days in the days ensuing from 7-7-07.  I hope and pray that we are all reminded to make the better choices in the next 1,000 or so days to serve others.
God Bless You All...brother bob chew.


World Refugee Day
Helen Mahoo, Tanzania

World Refugee Day
There are over 20 million refugees in the world many who have fled their countries due to civil wars and ethnic, tribal and religious violence. On June 20 join us in honouring World Refugee Day to focus not only on the causes of their exile, but also on their determination and will to survive and on the contributions they make to their host communities.

Dear All:

Hope you're all fine. As we know, today is World Refugee Day. This is a special day to come together and offer courage to the world’s many refugees, extending to them our encouragement, support and respect.

In 2006, the world counted 20.8 million refugees. The population of refugee who have fled their countries due to civil wars and ethnic, tribal and religious violence – they were forced to flee, they have lost everything and they can’t return home. Nevertheless, many of them refuse to give up hope. Remembering them and offering courage and showing them our support is what World Refugee Day is about.

Africa is one of the continents with many refugees now found around the world. They left their countries to save their lives due to different problems facing their countries or tribe. Most of the people who are affected so much are children and women on their journey looking for safe place. Parents lost their children, children lost their parents, children don't get basic needs like food, education, rights for them to share what they have in their heart with the world. It's our time now to support them. We want to hear the voices of children, youth, women and men from all their countries affected by civil war and so on like Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Sudan, Somalia, and others. We want to know their deepest values of life. I know the Internet will be a good road for us to meet them and talk to them.

This is a day for us to remember the millions of refugees who are under our care and who are trying to pick up the pieces of once-peaceful lives. As different as they are from each other, one thing connects them all: HOPE for a better future and a chance to restore lasting peace to their lives. Let's light candles especially for them -- those who will die on their journey from one country to another and those who are suffering with such a hard life..

Here is a Message to All Refugees: To All Refugees Wherever You Are:

We love you very much and that's why we remember you on this day, a special day for you. Everything is possible in this world, so never give up. It is possible also to change the hard life you have now with a hope that we can make good future for all.

Any one with more information about refugees, let us hear it please, this is a special day for them. Let's talk about them and their lives.

Be blessed, all.


Helen Mahoo

From Burton Danet, ABC4All Co-Founder:

Helen, your essay alerting us all to the plight of refugees is so timely and appropriate, especially as we approach the symbolic launch, on 07/07/07, of the ABC4All Bridge of Relief into Perpetuity. With the World Partnership of Global Loyalty and Hands 4 Hope 4 All Humanity (H4H4H), we begin in one location (Ghana), but will gather steam and create HOPE just as you say for so many in the world that includes all refugees. H4H4H focuses on the 1.8 Billion people in the world who live in substandard conditions, and that, of course, includes every refugee who has not found a stable place to live.

Your words of encouragement and the offering of HOPE can, indeed, become a shining light (like the candles) for so many who are not living well to see ahead and it is our task to do just what you say - the refugees ARE UNDER OUR CARE.

We who are coming together to help communities become better for all do so via the concepts involved with ABC4All, a new entity which MUST BE LIKE A CARING PARENT TO THE WORLD, especially as you so rightly point out, including all displaced refugees who struggle to survive. It is with profound gratitude, therefore, expressed to you for creating this essay, which serves to create a focus and to spur us on further with the path that we all know is right.


Burton Danet, Ph.D., ABC4All Co-Founder

Srijana's story from Dang

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An Essay by Kate Alyzon Ramil from Philippines:
"Friends of Seven Lakes Foundation (FSLF) Mini Youth Camp"
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