ABC4All Screened Info That May Be Relevant to Endurance Athletes 

(what is currently available as of 01/05)


ABC4All takes the position that any health info that is shared with others will not contain anything that is known to be, or that research has shown could be, potentially harmful to others. Therefore, the information is screened before it reaches others via the basic health site:

While we at ABC4All are in development and in stages of implementation, information we have begun sharing has already proven extraordinarily helpful to others. The best example is how Mikki Paredes, a licensed social worker from New York City, has conveyed her response to the question, "Why become a Friend of ABC4All?" and a summary of her contact with ABC4All can be found here: - Just scroll down the page and you will find her answer.

Thus in offering the "Path of Eight Petals," info that is shared with others can be reviewed by them, and they are then in a position to decide what they want to explore and what info may be pursued further that could be of benefit to them. Through discussion with trusted advisors, health professionals, etc., there may be further exploration of such information.


ABC4All has been in the process of evaluating and continues to evaluate both Hydrocharge and Plasma Activated Water (PAW) as well as a number of other products/companies. In some cases trials of HC and/or PAW are already being conducted either clinically with persons who have health challenges or by athletes who are undertaking endurance training.


For these individuals, relevant information is available at ABC4All's Health Site. However, this page is an attempt to summarize and provide background to the information that is being acquired that directly relates specifically to improvements in athletic performance. By sharing such information, it is hoped that those involved will know that we at ABC4All have made the effort to share the information we have already acquired and screened and that can then be evaluated by others, as appropriate.


There is much more info out there which we at ABC4All have not screened. One can do any type of internet search that might be relevant and come up with info to review and screen. The information presented here, however, has already been screened to rule out harmful ingredients, something that can be quite time consuming, and therefore the information herein perhaps can be reassuring to those interested in avoiding such ingredients and saving time as well.

Other information is being screened by ABC4All all the time, and in the future, additional screened info will be made available as deemed appropriate according to the criteria established (ruling out any company/product with potentially harmful ingredients that include color dyes, artificial flavorings or other ingredients, chemical preservatives known to be harmful such as potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate, potentially harmful sweeteners etc.).


ABC4All offers no medical or other type of advice. There is, instead, an offering of information which, it is hoped can be evaluated by others who then can discuss that information with those persons, health professionals or others, who are in a position to offer guidance and/or advice.

Thank you for your understanding of the intent behind the desire to share this information and for undertaking a review of any or all of the information provided.


Burton Danet, Ph.D., Co-Founder

A Better Community For All (ABC4All)

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Glimpse of a Remarkable Health League of its Own: Burton Danet, PH.D. & ABC4ALL


Info and URL's relevant to this page include:

1) Thermal total body therapy (via FIR or Far Infrared Heat).

Attachment: Article: "The influence of ceragem treatment on exercise performance and recovery from fatigue in elite athletes." (PDF file - EliteAthletes_Ceragem).

NOTE: This research was conducted utilizing the Ceragem Treatment Bed ( Ceragem is available in many areas of the country, with centers offering FREE treatment daily up to 6 days a week.

NOTE: ABC4All has chosen to make available the advanced technology with Cignet Thermo-Peutic, with availability of the treatment, also FREE, at centers in Southern California, with one in the State of Washington, and by sale of the treatment bed by ABC4All anywhere in North America via shipping. (Cignet Thermo-Peutic can already be found at a Pain Clinic in Maine, at a holistic clinic in El Paso, Texas, at a chiropractor's office in Iowa, at a psychologist's home in Michigan, etc.).

2) Hyperimmune Egg

Attachment: Article: "Effects of BioChoice [now called only "immune26"] on the performance of cyclists" who participate with the US Postal Service Cycling Team that has won the Tour de France 6 years in a row. Attached is a summary (cyclist.doc) from one of the coaches of that Team.

Attachment: cyclist.doc

Research Site:


Web site:

NOTE: immune26 in its pure form (egg powder or in capsules) and the "Wellness Bar" are approved, whereas other products by this company that contain potentially harmful ingredients are therefore NOT included).

3) Authentic Tahitian Noni Juice (95% marketshare, with 300 companies offering the remainder)

Web Site:

Athletes who are spokespeople for TNI: