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Introducing George Paskalov, Chief Scientist, Hydro Enterprises, Inc. George presented at the ABC4All Launch Lunch held in Santa Monica, CA 10/23/04:  "Plasma technology involved in the scientific development of Plasma Activated Water (PAW)"

In this 4-minute video clip, Dr. Burton Danet presents basic information about Plasma Activated Water (PAW) with the the informational website with numerous links for review and the Science Website: Hydro Enterprises, Inc. referenced at the end of the video clip.

"The Global Impact of Plasma Activated Water (PAW)"

Transcript of a 4-minute video clip made of Burton Danet making a presentation for the Director of the Elevate Film Festival for consideration for a possible documentary and represents basic information about  Plasma Activated Water (PAW) with the the informational website with numerous links for review and the Science Website: Hydro Enterprises, Inc. referenced at the end of the video clip:

Plasma Activated Water (PAW) is not available commercially.

It is represented by a prototype in a physics laboratory in Southern CA. It was discovered by a team of scientists - physicist/engineers - 3 Russian people I was fortunately introduced to by my associate, Bob Chew.

Prior to that time, I had been in a very difficult state physically trying to rehabilitate from multiple injuries, very serious. I had lost the ability to breathe. I had lost the ability to exercise, and I had already fainted twice. Doctors were not able to assist me, even though I was getting the best of medical care. I was taking multiple medications for a variety of medical diagnoses, and I was fast losing ground.

This water, after I tried it the first time in 03/2004 - he gave me 3 gallons to start. Within 12 hours I felt better. Within 24 hours, the fibromyalgia that I had been diagnosed with was starting to disappear. It was an unbelievable phenomenon which I have since recorded assiduously, having been trained as a clinical psychologist. I know how to make observations.

I have consistently tracked those observations, and we have since shared that water with people all over the country by shipping it via a steeply discounted service through the UPS Store here locally. The water has been shipped all over the country to a number of different people. It is possible to give references and names of people who have extraordinary stories to tell -- not just myself who has reversed every medical diagnosis that was ever slapped against me, and also every medical test laboratory-wise that has been taken now shows that all the results are reversed. The positive findings from the past are now all negative or normal. I am a walking miracle. I am subject for study by any doctor, any scientist. If they repeated the medical tests that I have had taken, they will show similarly normal results.

My cholesterol level, for example, which used to be for 6-1/2 decades between 220 and 304 is now 155. You cannot get more normal than that. So I am a walking miracle. I have the ability to have stamina and to bring what I am going to term, "Global Humanitarian Relief," to the world through A Better Community for All. It is not just Plasma Activated Water, but certainly this water plays a key role.

2.5 pH PAW has been proven, through scientific testing and independent laboratory testing to be antiviral, antibacterial and it will kill Anthrax in 30 seconds. That means we have a solution to many, many issues in the world.

9.5 pH is what we drink. They also can produce 11.0 pH which health professionals can use in tiny quantities with their clients and patients. As we increase the pH in the body, which already we know through the "pH Miracle" heals the body, creates an environment that does not permit disease to exist, and we then move to a new realm of health that we are calling, "The Path of 8 Petals" with unimaginable "Health Heights" achieved.

"Health Heights" is a new term that we have coined. Even that was not sufficient to describe the phenomenon, because we had to go on from there and then create the term called, "Improvement Upon Improvements (IUI)." It isn't just me, it isn't just my wife, it's a whole series of people who have drunk this water and who can attest to the same phenomenon.

PAW is not FDA controlled. It is not USDA controlled. It is simply water that passes through the plasma reactor. Because it goes through the reactor - it doesn't touch anything - it is contiguous to the reactor - it comes out the other end with unbelievable healthful properties which are detailed on the website at http://abc4all.net/paw.htm and the science website is http://hydroent.com.

Burton Danet, Ph.D.
Co-Founder, ABC4All

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Burton Danet, Ph.D.
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