Potential for Cultural Unity:  Children of the Storms

What happens if we add the benefits of Plasma Activated Water (PAW)?

From Dateline NBC - MSNBC.com http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/10585207/

This extraordinarily touching story on NBC’s Dateline 12/25/05 is about bringing the children from Tsunami together with children from Katrina to share experiences:

"We all are like in the same predicament and might not speak the same language, but know how each other feel."

Creating a Unifying Factor Across Cultural Barriers

Yes, such suffering can create a unifying factor across cultural barriers, but it is also possible that Plasma Activated Water (PAW) can bring Cultural Unity to the World, at least among those who will be receptive.  It does not matter who it will be - anyone can benefit from this water.  People from ALL societies, from the most advanced to the most primitive.


New Language of Better Hydration

Perhaps a new "language of better water for a better world" will emerge.  Recognition of the benefits of improved hydration can become a focus for improved communication and improved cross cultural relations. Especially if we can convey how it is possible to have FUN while we bring relief to the world, part of the FUN could be better cross cultural relationships such as those witnessed on Dateline.


Improving and Resolving Existing Conflicts --> Advancing World Peace as in the work of such groups as the Peace Through Water Foundation?

Perhaps even old conflicts can be put to rest when people on both sides of the conflict experience the benefits of better hydration. Is there potential for advancing the causes of World Peace?


FACT: Better Nutrition Eliminates Behavioral/Learning Problems

We already know, from the Miracle in Wisconsin, that that behavioral and learning problems disappear with improved nutrition - what happens when we improve the hydration IN ADDITION?


"And perhaps ADHD will become a dinosaur. A non-disease that was once attributed to errant brain chemistry. And perhaps Ritalin will be seen as just another toxic chemical that was added to the bodies of kids in a crazed attempt to put a lid on behavior that, in part, was the result of a subversion of the food supply.

"For those readers who ask me about solutions to the problems we face---here is a real solution. Help these groups. Get involved. Step into the fray.  Stand up and be counted."

An extraordinary simple program created a "Miracle in Wisconsin:" from Natural Ovens Bakery and made a huge difference on the learning and behavior of school children.


CONCLUSION:  Better Water, Better World (BW2)



...the "Water Drop Story"...will bring great joy and relief to so many, and eventually, all the drops in the world PLUS all the children of the world – and yes, Children of All Ages, because when we have FUN in the world, we can all let the child in us come out and be so happy with one another!

Thank you, Josh Leibow, for telling my story.



From Burt, the “Hygiene Booth Water Drop” soon to be found in all the student lockers at schools (Hygiene Booths) via Community Health, Exercise and Nutrition for All (CHEN4All) http://ABC4All.net/chen4all.htm


Every student’s locker will have a spray bottle of 2.5 pH Plasma Activated Water (PAW) – clearly labeled DO NOT DRINK and with which to disinfect/sterilize without chemicals (safe to wash hands, clean bathrooms, etc.)!


AND a bottle of 9.5 pH Plasma Activated Water (PAW) for drinking all day while at school and which improves alkalinity within the body and helps keep it in BALANCE http://ABC4All.net/balance.htm so that, for example, the grandson of one of trio of the Team of inventors, Mark Gorodkin, CEO, Hydro Enterprises, Inc., is the ONLY CHILD IN HIS SCHOOL WHO DOES NOT GET SICK! http://hydroent.com


So, Josh, I am a single drop of Plasma Activated Water (PAW) in the UNIVERSE, ready to sing "ONE SONG," with Robert Anthony Aviles, and about to add my molecule to all those water drops that will come out of the reactor and will rescue so many DISeased people, plants and animals across the world from destruction.





Plasma Activated Water - PAW4All!


Yes, Josh, 2005 was The Year of the PAW!




Burton Danet, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist (retired) and Co-Founder, A Better Community For All (ABC4All) http://abc4all.net/summary.htm 

Potential for Cultural Unity:  Children of the Storms: What happens if we add the Benefits of Plasma Activated Water (PAW)?




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