YOU ARE LISTENING TO THE ORIGINAL SONG, "Lend a Hand," written for ABC4All by Ben Mackenzie and John Greenfield!

A GLOBAL CELEBRATION OF ONENESS MOVEMENT may take an even firmer hold than is already the case and will prevail in the world as perhaps one of the most important developments the world could behold -- if not THE MOST IMPORTANT.




Because a quick reading of responses to


"What ONENESS means to me"


along with a quick reading of responses to


"What would make your personal community better for ALL?"






We not only have tapped into an important emotional chord within each individual who responds to these questions or attends COO, but that this ever fast-growing group of people in the world can, together create a phenomenon - a force - that will clearly communicate to the world leaders that the status quo of the sorry state of the world is no longer acceptable. 


This is precisely what SAVE CHILDREN NOW has in mind:



Children are our future, no matter where.
This future starts with you.
The way you look at them
Give them the chance they deserve:
See them the way they are;
in the colors and beauty of the rainbow.
For they are yours, as well as mine...

--An original poem by Greet Narsingh, Founder, SAVE CHILDREN NOW
responding to a Divinely inspired Message


COO, ABC4All are united now (by permission from DragonFlyNow Foundation) in creating a website that is launching on 12/10/2006:


ABC4All/COO  Dual Global Citizens (DGC)™!


It is our fervent hope that the energies and combined effort/cooperation that is making this website possible can service as the "home" and proving ground for the implementation of the ABC4All Millennium Endowment Fund (ABC4AllMEF) which will be used in the MATCHING/DOUBLING of all charitable contributions created worldwide.


The ABC4All Bridge of Relief™ into Perpetuity,
ABC4All Dream Realized!
"Never-Ending Self-Funding!™"


Announcing the Official Website!

Built-in Rewards
for Members of Communities Across the World who, as
ABC4All/COO Dual G lobal Citizens (DGC)™,
Work Together to Create Relief in the World!





Burton Danet, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, ABC4All