You can listen to Ben Mackenzie/John Greenfield's original
ONE SONG helping in the quest to heal the UNI VERSE:
"Lend a Hand" created especially for ABC4All
CLICK! to listen/read lyrics to "Lend a Hand!"
Listen from beginning to end to the HEALING music!
Then you can ask yourself, what will YOU do? Will you "Listen to the cry of the world?"
Will you join ABC4All in the CELEBRATION OF ONENESS Movement and lend a hand?


Thanks to YUBUPA for all the effort it took to put together
collages that acknowledge the contribution of each and every person as the
Team of TEAMS develops to bring Global Humanitarian Relief to the World.
The Co-Founders of Local ABC4All efforts in 9 countries expand "The Network That Works" across the world!
CLICK! MESSAGE from YUBUPA: "Please...Do No Harm"
"As Mentors, as the Team of TEAMS, as local Co-Founders of ABC4All, we should know that If we are to change our world for the better, we simply must share the "Do No Harm" message with family and friends, with neighbors and our community....."

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CLICK HERE or on the image! Thanks to YUBUPA for the

THE LOCAL ABC4All Co-Founders

"THE NETWORK THAT WORKS" (Local ABC4All Co-Founders)

A Video by YUBUPA!

THE Local TEAMS COLLAGE (left to right)
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Top: Prakash Singh (India) * Richard Bbaale (Uganda)
Middle: Sean Amos (Kenya) * Pat / YUBUPA (Canada) * Jean-Claude Kamwenubusa (Burundi)
Bottom: Billy Yasin (Ghana) * Taiwo Adewole (Nigeria) * Eddie Boston-Mammah (Sierra Leone) * Yuel Bhatti (Pakistan)
Team of TEAMS ********************* What an ABC4All Mentor Can Do!

Two Videos by YUBUPA!

Members of the Team of TEAMS:

Robert Chew, Vice President, RJC Enterprises
ABC4All Co-Founder
Videos to answer, "Why ABC4All?"
Creator of the Universal Peace Calendar (UPC)
Yuel Bhatti, Peace Advocate
ABC4All Mentor - Pakistan
Prakash Singh, ABC4All Global Portal Designer
Burton Danet, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist (Retired)
ABC4All Co-Founder
Sit back, relax, watch the
ABC4All Dream Realized
Power Point Presentation while listening to Healing Music!
See how you feel at the end!
Can you answer the question,
"What would make YOUR personal community better for all?"
Tell us your answer! Write to abc4all (at) gmail (dot) com.
CLICK! Look for your answer!

George Paskalov, Ph.D., Physicist,
Member of the Inventor TEAM

John Greenfield, Composer, Healing "NoAgeMusic" accompanying
ABC4All Dream Realized Power Point Presentation!
Collaborator, "Lend a Hand" (Video)
Collaborator, "Lend a Hand" (Audio)

Steve Mistretta ABC4All Mentor, Volunteer for ABC4All eCommerce (in development).
Volunteer in charge of marketing for the Food for Everyone Foundation, a Non-Profit entity that travels around the world teaching people in impoverished areas how to grow gardens which will yield five to ten times more than traditional gardening methods. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of this organic gardening method is that it allows a family to feed themselves and earn a highly important income. This income is many times reinvested into a larger garden the following years. This continuous cycle of reinvestment is one of the things the Foundation is most proud of. In a majority of cases these original Mittleider gardeners then teach their felllow village members to Mittleider method. This is a classic example of our "Paying it forward" goals.

Francine Jarry, Multi-faceted Artist
Ben Mackenzie, Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Teacher
Collaborator, "Lend a Hand" (Video)
Collaborator, "Lend a Hand" (Audio)
Lanny Smith, Earthman
Creativity for a Healthier Planet
Art, Music, Design for Our Environment
Creator, "H2O"

Kevin Reid, Musician,
Ready to CLICK! and let your virtual eyes/ears/mind explore?


ABC4All Video Information Specialist


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We Are One
WE ARE ONE – A World Anthem
We Are One
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