A Better Community For All (ABC4All) CHEN4All 

Castle Park Middle School

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Huck-Fin is a not-for-profit, environmental education program that has been ongoing, growing and successful in San Diego County since its inception in 1985. Huck-Fin, a highly active, hands-on program serves approximately 2,500 girls and boys every year.

The vision and mission is to give the next generation information and experiences that will last a lifetime and enable them to pass the knowledge on to their children. Huck-Fin students are given positive and healthy choices, with the information necessary to see how and why choosing a healthy lifestyle will benefit them.

Huck-Fin has a large and diversified number of community partners and affiliates, with the same mind-set and goals. These partners are used to disseminate information and make their companies or organizations available to be visited and experienced by Huck-Fin students during classes and field trips or at home with their families.

The tragedy of "Globesity" has been evident and growing throughout the attitudes and lifestyles set forth by the demands of society for too long, without any education of mandatory and necessary alternatives. Consequently, it has become a priority to further Huck-Fin’s outreach by involving parents, teachers, school staff and all segments of a community in a positive movement called, "CHEN4ALL" Community Health, Exercise and Nutrition for All.

Huck-Fin, linking with many other health and nutritional organizations, has set forth a starting date of September 2005, initiating CHEN4ALL at Castle Park Middle School, the chosen pilot school for the USA. CHEN4ALL offers a complete community involvement attitude, including a self-reliant group of fundraisers, with such opportunities as The Huck-Fin Concert Series, Holliday-Cards, Champions USA, The Giving Card, ABC4All Triple Giving Program and on-line/off-line charitable contributions supporting the efforts to reeducate and improve the level of health of the citizenry and the community at large.

CHEN4ALL can be utilized by any and all schools, communities and organizations, anywhere. It will take the cooperation and input of all the key players in each community.

Now is the time to start! We will join you and you can join us in making this worthy effort the reality it must become!

Respectfully submitted,

David Gray, President, Huck-Fin Environmental Education (HFEE)





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