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John Butters, hon DM, MS, BSChE, HT, Scientific Herbalist

John explains the physiology of the Iris Reflex System and then explains the Body/Iris Map System. Using patterns of catarrh, skin toxicity, ache all over, cholesterol, heart, pancreas and PMS, he shows how they appear in the iris. Changing these patterns is possible and understanding Herring's Law of Cure and its cellular correlation will give us some answers. John uses a dowsing chart to explore these applications.

John Butters is a western trained herbal scientist who provides health care programs and investigation into causal factors. He has offices in Redondo Beach, California, where he performs his wellness evaluations and determines customized herbal and essential oil programs, product evaluations, formulation, research and development. He lectures on trends  the natural health care field. He has worked with the well known intuitive, Kenny Kingston. John Butters may be reached at (310) 937-4814.

John Butters, 2304A Clark Lane, Unit A, Redondo Beach, CA 90278.

John Butters has been working with Plasma Activated Water (PAW) water for some time now and shares it with his clients.  He is open to hearing via telephone from anyone consuming PAW who might wish to ask questions or share experiences.  There will be no fee for PAW-related telephone consultations.
John can be reached at 310-937-4814 Pacific Time Zone.  He has been offering rather dramatic and vitally important info.  Curently he has has been evaluating StemTech Health Sciences, Inc.  http://abc4all.stemtechbiz.com/Default_US_EN.aspx 
He can provide more info, as appropriate.  From his description and with the superior absorbability when PAW is consumed, it is possible that combining PAW with this supplement could add a significant improvement for anyone.
You may wish to call John to hear how many in the medical community are quickly recognizing that stimulating the body to produce Stem Cells may be a vitally important component for those searching for healing and maximum health as well as reversal / recovery from any major debilitating illness.
Thanks to John for helping to explore the new paradigm for health that is emerging:


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