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DATE: July 4, 2007:
200+ Days from the Launch of the COO Movement December 10, 2006 (The next 1,000 days of ABC4All..)


BCNEXUS Volume I Number 5



BCNEXUS Volume I, Issue No. 5 approximately 200 days from the launch of the COO Movement on December 10, 2006


By Robert “Bob” Chew, Co-Founder, ABC4All eMail: abcbob (at) gmail (dot) com

NEXT BCNEXUS anticipating 07/07/07
A Recipe for Self-Fulfillment:  Why not? “Be the change!”
The next BCNEXUS is the culmination of two reporting periods, with the ultimate list anticipating 070707 with surprises from the peanut gallery of the work by ABC4All Co-Founder Robert Chew and Associates...
The very Academy approach that meets the world’s fancy and offers a new twist to the FREE education approach of the ABC4All GlobiVersity...in addition to FREE GlobiVersity Education 4All, we have an option for those interested in a paid-for version, a critical opportunity in which people can “pay it forward.”
This PAID approach offered in 90 days’ time increments, will carry forward a projected monthly income of $50;000.00 or more via a rediscovered system of
“auto generation ™.” Such becomes the NEVER ENDING SELF-FUNDING and an opportunity for ANYONE in the world to embrace concepts of techno-giving ™ to
pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again.” (click the lyric and listen to Peter Tosh!)  What is the requirement?  Consider budgeting just … $1 a day for 90 days!  That is the concept and stay tuned.
The excitement heightens...the work with two associates, Bob D. and Rick S., is  going to blossom in the next 100 days.  Wouldn't you know it?  The heavens opens their doors and the answered prayers go from asking to granting and the world is now a better place....
We have learned to muster all the help we need or can get...the training that has paid off for those who lack will now be “enabled” to end their plight, and those who are able to get strong this way will become even stronger as they lead the way.
Please note that the 2008 Beijing Olympics is a milestone for us too, in that the next 100 days is critical to showcasing technology in a way that makes the Olympics safer, airline travel 100 times safer, train travel 100 times safer and hospitals and clinics 100 times safer, guarding against communicable diseases that are hush-hush at this time.  MRSA can be a thing of the past, etc.
There is no one solution to "the will" to drive onward, whether partially or fully funded, it really does not matter...what became the BCNEXUS was the result of our personal beliefs to persevere and to bring about change no matter what.
Then came people such as Tanya W., Linda Z., & Patricia L. and their respective associates, the ladies from a new era coined the  Natural product revolution, and they too are gaining traction.  From an era of “out of control pain” also came examples of people overcoming their suffering and learning from source, the ways of the future with stories from friendship, betrayal and reuniting ala Robert G….stay tuned.
Then came technologies of old and new, and then they persevered and the people rushed to their doors for help and advice.  Not only has the next generation of “Baby Boomers” evolved but the “Baby Boomers” are now in charge.
Then we began to hear the music of health, healing and celebration as we, one by one, licked the foe and challenged the experts of old, but again we prevailed and the knowledge base is spreading thru the academy of all time. 
The format is simple, just keep tuning in every now and then and watch the BCNEXUS continue to move into the next millennium many times with 100-day checkpoints...all planned, all coordinated by those who have just learned.
Mix in a little of Income Builders International  which is now the new http://www.CEOSpace.biz  to boot, and you have a potpourri of joy...when you hear the stories.  One example:   How a lady named Joyce, changed her name from Joyce to JOY,  and she discovered a power so great within HER that she now is one of the greatest givers in Europe and working a plan that began with Bob D. and his magical things called “ideas.”
What is YOUR WOW and how can one of US help you to reach that Goal?
It is 10 times easier if you learn how to share the vision and be not afraid that
others can see the same vision with you and then make it happen sooner than later through “an environment of cooperation compared to competition.”
Take Care Fellow readers, why not “be the change!”
Bob Chew, ***
Dual Global Citizen (DGC) “helping build up an army of social changers…going forward into the next decade of the new millennium as 1,000 plus mentors all over the globe…”
ABC4All Co-Founder
Vice President, RJC Consolidated, Inc.
Berkeley, California USA, Earth, UNIVERSE

If you are reading this email, you can click on this link to read about ABC4All in detail:  http://abc4all.net/indexintro.htm
What you will see:
10 days to go! 
New 7 Wonders of the World! (and a song)
Full Moon Rainbow
Coming Home to the UNIVERSE!
What you will NOT see:
A special, original Healing 
created for ABC4All
by Ben Mackenzie and John Greenfield
to be released on 07/07/07
You will be able to listen, from beginning to end,
and then take note of your reactions and,
if you choose, you can let us know how you do react to the song!
You will see and can listen to
10 Songs from
Live At 'Le Soir Mystique' 
by Ben Mackenzie!
Please plan to join in on the GLOBAL TOAST
on 07/07/07 at 07/07:07 in YOUR TIME ZONE!
A moment in time when each of us, after listening to "Lend a Hand,"
can decide what will be our next course of action to help make
communities better for all around the world...
Burton Danet, Ph.D., Co-Founder, ABC4All

Seeking QUIET HOPE for PEACE and HARMONY in the world.

Please join ABC4All in a Virtual; OnLine Global Toast at
http://abc4all.net on 07/07/07at 07:07:07 (only water please). http://abc4all.net/globaltoast.htm

Robert Bob Chew, Co-Founder of the ABC4All Network on the web.
Contact:  abcbob (at) gmail (dot) com
NOTE: If you have an item to share here, please reach me at: abcbob (at) gmail (dot) com.

Until then, let us all stay safe, be strong and be healthy…HEALTH IS WEALTH!

Bob Chew for BCNEXUS.


June 28, 2007 BC

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