Burton Danet, Ph.D., Co-Founder

“Maximizing Charitable Contributions on and off the Internet

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310-712-5477 * ABC4All@gmail.com * http://ABC4All.net

Who is Robert Chew?

 Robert “Bob” Chew

Co-Founder of ABC4All.

Of what? A Better Community

For All (ABC4All).


OK, Tell me more.

For 7.5 years.

In this role, Bob developed

So many concepts central to

Humanitarian relief.


Where? Find ABC4All here:



The combination of skills

Represented by one man is

Difficult to put into words.

Bob exceeds all expectations.


Bob’s talents extend from

Business Plan Writing to

Concept development.

Just look here:



He, personally, has contributed

Selflessly to so many concepts

Well reflected in the ABC4All

Comprehensive Summary



A tireless humanitarian,

Bob Constantly strives to

Bring together people/resources

To make a difference to a world

Increasingly devastated by

Abuse from human beings.


So, Who is Bob Chew?

Someone who immerses himself in

Areas related to water and nutrition

For so many years.


As an entrepreneur,

Bob visited water companies

Back when baby formula for a

Daughter was needed 30 years ago.


Bob has spoken to 56 water

Research Entrepreneurs/scientists.

He has found water

Offering healing powers

For the earth at large.


“Living water.”

You, too can learn more!

Imagine - No chemicals,

Just clean kitchens,

Clean hotel rooms,

Even Medical Instruments!

No Chlorine!

Yes, pure swimming pools!


With such extensive research,

Robert now is working

With a number of companies.

He can assist with pollution

Problems of the entire world.


Drinking water,

Superior Hydration,

Water reclamation and

Water treatment.


Robert assembles for us

So many patented/patent-pending

Products and brings

“The best of the best”

To the Market Place.


Coming: The Great American WaterFall!

And yes, The Angel Water Store!

Just peek here:



One major focus:

Plasma Activated Water (PAW).

Hydro Enterprises, Inc. (HEI)

Research data of a scientific team.


Robert introduced Co-Founder

Burton Danet – to HEI.

Just LOOK at him now!

Yes, That’s ME!

Unimagined benefits!

New concepts in living:

Health Heights™ now possible.

So well recorded here:

The ABC4All website

Created with permission by HEI:



Don't forget to ask!

Look at the '03 driver's license.

Now look directly at ME!

See the difference?



Many others, now,

Besides Dr. Danet

Experiencing Plasma Activated Water (PAW),

Describe their distinct

Improvements in living

Based on PAW.


Dr. Danet is a Walking Miracle.

No medical diagnoses now.

Not even one!

No medications now.

Not even one!

Just a vibrant, young, active

Living Human Being.

66 going on 26 minus!


Not a debilitated, dying man

Needing Rehabilitation to

Avoid all the Pain.

Dr. Danet is NOT alone!


Just Ask about

A dying woman with

pH in the 5.0 dying range,

Now alive and well, pH rising,

Coming, too, into well-being!


So it is without hesitation

Bob is endorsed personally and

As Co-Founder of

A Better Community For All (ABC4All).

 Few equal the myriad talents

Of one human being,

So caring of others.

Let alone one who has

Rescued another dying despite

A Lifetime of Rehabilitation.


Yes unimagined Health Heights™

Now available

Demonstrate for the world

What is possible.


It’s the ABC4All Path of Eight Petals!™


Improving Health Maintenance (IHM) ™

 Look once more here:






And yes,

The Environment.

All will benefit!


Burton Danet, Ph.D.,

Clinical Psychologist

Psychoanalyst (retired)




Author of an original poem,

2005: The Year of the PAW!