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Monday, July 24, 2006

BBMG: It’s How We Live Grant

Contact: Naomi Reed

Bemporad Baranowski Marketing Group

200 Park Avenue South, Suite 1516

New York, New York, 10003


To The Judges:

The attached Grant Application, "Opportunity Abounds," is hereby submitted, with deep appreciation for the opportunity.

"Opportunity Abounds" represents a carefully, strategically constructed platform to present to a world placed into imbalance by "Disruptive Technology." As collaborating partners, RJC Consolidated, Inc. Marketing Group (RJC) - for profit - and Enlightened Health Corporation (EH) - nonprofit - together understand that their introduction of advanced technologies into the marketplace will displace many individuals currently earning their living "the old way." With the introduction of the advanced waters and food supplements now available, such items as pharmaceutical medications, harsh chemicals used to clean/sterilize, etc. will be rendered unnecessary. Workers so occupied can therefore be offered attractive alternatives via "Opportunity Abounds."

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Chew, Vice President, Business Development, RJC Consolidated, Inc. Marketing Group (RJCMG)

Kathleen Merholz, Executive Director, Enlightened Health Corporation (EH)


PREAMBLE to the Application:

Ideas and results that may be accomplished with or without the help of this generous grant include:

CONSENSUS STRATEGY: Leverage the Learning, the Preparation and the Strategic Planning of the Grant Process to move all our mutual projects forward. Address a global audience that shares the tragedy of knowing someone with HIV/AIDS and offer probable solutions with lifestyle changes, attitude changes and new approaches with already proven, advanced technologies including "Electrolysis" Water products, Nutrition Products, Educational Learning segments—key resources to include pod casting capabilities/channels.

DELIVERABLES: Story Book for Youth with it’s "How We Live" Message of H.O.P.E. (see below), Survival and Longevity as witnessed by such miracle products as high and low pH water, Pet Water and People Water that improve health maintenance. The "Superfood" Cereal of Choice from Dr. Reuben Govender via Enlightened Health Corporation (EH):


1) One segment on Oprah on the Accomplishments Achieved via BBMG’s help.

2) Government assistance on a press release or guest announcement of "H.I.P. H.O.P. Day: "Health In Performance, Human Outreach Program" from Herb Jones, Christa Jones, and daughter: Myia Jones, the latter being the Founder of the Multicultural Youth In Action (MYIA) Foundation proposal: ( ) The result? A separate, healthy new cereal and/or water for all children in schools with minimum or no sugar…" These are leading examples of cooperation that can occur with so many other entities in immediate communities. A contribution to the development of a TOTAL SOLUTION to the health needs of communities (see CHEN4All below).

MESSAGE: HIV/AIDS patients are no longer limited to just medicine or prescribed lifestyles with injections/medicines that hurt and cure at the same time. The universal solvent "water" and "superfood" have been shown to heal the sickest -- offering new hope both for poor and enlightened citizenry of the planet.

CHANGE: The type of water we drink and the type of water we buy, the juices we consume, the foods we consume will all contribute to improving health maintenance (IHM) versus creating an unnecessary acidic cellular environment inviting deterioration and ultimate untimely or premature illness/death.

CAUSE: By partnering up Enlightened Health Corporation (EH) with the new RJC Consolidated, Inc. Marketing Group (RJCMG), we have merged two Missions that jointly become greater in strength with resolve to create awareness for the generations and people of our time.

MISSION: Through such careful planning, we achieve our respective Missions and benefit, to start, over several million people each year by sharing the message we deliver and the water that enables healthy living (rejuvenation) through modern science. Our purpose is to help dispel old habits and doubts about what helps us heal, live, and thrive in the 21st century.

Respectfully submitted by

Bob Chew, Member, Presentation Team for All, Vice President, Business Development, RJCMG


BBMG It’s How We Live Grant

Nonprofit Partner

Enlightened Health Corporation (EH)

Description: Enlightened Health Corporation (EH) is a non-profit company dedicated to the education of proven alternative and natural healthcare methods to those at-risk populations that have limited or no exposure to these therapies, or who lack the financial means to access them. Enlightened Health Corporation provides various services such as massage, chiropractic, nutritional, and occupational therapies; psychological services; and health education, depending on the need. EH works with alternative health care professionals to introduce new and emerging technologies that have been proven nationally and internationally to improve quality of life.

Contact Name: Kathleen Merholz, Executive Director and Founder

Phone: 734-272-2543



Address: 136 Princeton Dr. Suite 14

City: South Lyon

State: MI

Zip: 48178


Corporate Partner

RJC Consolidated, Inc. Marketing Group (RJCMG)

Description: RJC Consolidated, Inc. Marketing Group (RJCMG) is a company that focuses upon niche markets for better health, better water and best living practices to reach out to youth, students and adults to balance the body naturally, improving health maintenance. Working with state-of-the-art, already proven, technologies that include electrolized drinking water for pets, people, athletes (including high performance) with a plan to serve new markets for pet wound care (via non-chemical) products.

Contact Name: Robert Chew

Founder, RJC Consolidated, Inc.

Phone: (510) 508-6060


Website: Under construction…

Address: 1205 Channing Way, Berkeley, Ca 94702

Grant Application Page 1


1a. Have you worked together before? Yes No

1b. If yes, what did you do? What was your greatest success? Challenge?

Several years earlier, we met face-to-face with Enlightened Health Corporation (EH) to discuss the strategies on how better water providing superior (healthier) hydration could impact the medical and non-medical communities we plan to reach. At that time, we were just learning about the healthier alternatives to ordinary drinking waters available, different types of bottled water and the fundamentals of electrolysis water, already in existence in Japan and in other Asian countries, as it turned out, for decades.

The success of the meeting of the minds back then is echoed today: "We all shared a common ground about alternative health and ways that modern medicine had really missed the boat over what constitutes ‘better medicine.’ The success exemplified in the meeting is that we agreed on better, alternative ways to bring about solutions for society that are proven to "Improve Health Maintenance." In short, better health care delivery than has been available to date is the goal, including for the practices of all health care professionals, including those in the medical community adopting the orientation known as "Complementary Medicine, "Integrative Medicine," "Environmental Medicine," etc.

The Challenge then, as it is now, was identifying the sources for solutions. Independently, we have recognized and aligned ourselves with mutual researchers and solutions to deliver ways to get better health back into at-risk populations (and healthy populations). What has been identified so far shows that the water and the nutritional supplements now available come together in a broader platform, for example, for HIV/AIDS relief. This capability has already been proven in multiple studies conducted in locations of the world including South Africa, Thailand and others, including the research efforts by Dr. Reuben Govender and his associates, a member of the EH Board of Directors. The Challenge, then, is not so much in publicizing the solution that works as it is in demonstrating, by example, the ways people can avoid using millions and billions of dollars unnecessarily. Such valuable monies are better spent with "existing proven solutions." Through this means and via our collaboration, we stand ready now to implement human relief immediately in new protocols that already have been proven to work.

2. What makes you good partners?

Not only is it true that we know one another from the original in-person meeting and from numerous subsequent phone calls, joint participation in teleconferences and email exchanges, but both partners are very connected to common/mutual programs. Included is the original referring resource that introduced us to one another—namely the connections with Dr. Burton Danet, Founder of A Better Community For All (ABC4All) and a retired Clinical Psychologist, a resident of Manhattan Beach, California at the time. Chew has known of Dr. Danet for well over 8 years and Merholz has known of Dr. Danet for over 3.

3. What is your chosen cause or social issue? Why is it important to address this cause now?

As Co-Applicants for the BBMG "It’s How We Live" Grant Program we submit the following timely issue of Humanitarian Relief as a focus for the Cause Marketing Campaign:

As recipients of the Grant, there will result an acceleration of the ability to share with others the vital information emerging from our mutual solutions that have been developed and are proven to work, with the ability to bring humanitarian relief to designated populations. The future is bright with the ability to rekindle H.O.P.E. (see below) for mankind. The joint work facilitated by BBMG will contain the universal truth that suffering is no longer necessary nor need it be tolerated. This is true for both developed and underdeveloped countries and their respective governments. Monies no longer need be expended in ways that will NOT benefit a few people in power and will, instead, truly and really deliver help to needy, designated populations (and eventually all peoples).

The convergence of people around us who are HIV/AIDS experts have caused us to refocus our efforts into an area of mutual interest: Wellness and the Welfare of All Peoples. The BBMG Grant application, however, requires us to hone in on a specific focus. Here the most important issue identified is one of the darkest and deadliest sicknesses (HIV/AIDS) that kills -- not just predisposed races of people, but really crosses over to many nationalities struggling for solutions. It is our collective conclusion that too much emphasis has been placed on "curative" drugs (that often are only partially successful or not helpful at all) as opposed to providing every means that can help the body defend itself more naturally and to strengthen its own immune system. In short, doing so allows nature to fight back as it was originally intended, utilizing resources available if the body is given what it needs. Thus our combined technologies are poised to create a new level of "Living Better" with the virus (hopefully thereby diminishing the impact of associated labeling and cultural stigma) rather than passively succumbing to such a mass killer of people.

4. Why are you interested in a cause marketing campaign? What are your Goals for your respective organizations?

So often people leave it to the so-called "experts." We are now faced with moral decisions about who gets the help and who can afford the help offered. Our emphasis will be on keeping the cost of the solution down to its absolute minimum, thereby making it available to the masses. We are NOT going the route, for example, of $1,000 per treatment per person. Rather we encourage looking at proven Water and Nutrition Technologies being made available with their associated low costs. The basics thrust of our collaborating organizations will be to highlight for the media via unique spokespeople such as Oprah Winfrey, the recently elected new Mayor of Oakland, California, Ron Dellums, former Congressman and former National AIDS Chairperson. Such spokespeople can share our new approaches and successful solutions. The approaches involved will be both cost-saving AND will help persons achieve improved health maintenance regardless of any grave diagnosis.

To start, please consider these foci:

A. At-Risk populations in Cities like San Francisco and Oakland. These cities have expressed interest in providing alternative health care solutions for everybody, including those with no insurance.

B. School Age Children need to know, through example, that when life-long decisions are made by the age of eight, that they can learn to adopt healthier nutrition choices. This emphasis will replace standard, unthinking, unhealthy choices that go with the "crowd" and which have resulted in the well-known epidemic of obesity that plagues younger and younger children. Thus taking in high amounts of unhealthy sugar in juices and sodas, it is known, bring on early aging, the development of any of a number of physical ills (including obesity) and even premature death.

C. Those who are sensitive to the question of owning up to the fact that they have HIV/AIDS disease will have a new alternative perspective. They can be assured that there are, indeed, major solutions that can be offered to assist with coping with the sickness. Through education via our collaborative efforts, through grants that can be made available and even personal donations of time, money and materials, there will become available ways to assist any family and associated friends and even strangers (via word of mouth).

BBMG It’s How We Live Grant Grant Application Page 2

5. What goals do you hope to accomplish for your cause through the campaign? (Please be as specific as possible. For example: "Increase the number of people getting tested for HIV/AIDS.")

a) We are all sensitive to hearing, seeing and reading about the growing concerns and the millions who have died or about to be victims to this crisis with HIV/AIDS. One of the goals is to reach the health care community (including all healthcare professionals, not just the medical doctors) and to create an awareness of the alternatives that do not cost so much, can reduce the pain and suffering that goes on daily and can (as already documented) improve quality of living.

b) We are appealing to many associated non-profit organizations to adopt new policies that will showcase and demonstrate how effective the new basic principals of "Air, Water, Exercise and Nutrition" can be utilized to develop a natural, healthier alternative for all people (with sickness or no sickness). An earlier ABC4All collaborative campaign conducted with Huck-Fin Environmental Education (HFEE), for example, has been developed, called "CHEN4All" - Community Health Exercise & Nutrition For All: . CHEN4All awaits implementation via our combined awareness and networking campaigns. What better way to jump-start this multimillion-dollar campaign than with a BBMG Grant that helps us complete the infrastructure enabling The CHEN4All Launch? Dr. Danet and I, as Co-Founders of ABC4All, have been working towards The CHEN4All Launch for the better part of the 8+ years we have known one another.

c) The ultimate goal is the change in lifestyle and the change in attitude that we can collectively encourage -- it is a "CAN DO Attitude" about who and what we can do for ourselves and for each other when the news of an affliction strikes a family, a village, a town and a race. There are ways to deal positively with such a development. This alternative removes the traditional heavy burden that has been placed upon the medical community and as a result has infiltrated the social fabric of any given village/community. There is no longer a need for subsequent deprivation of potential healing that can be offered any given home, community or nation: Together we encourage:

Embrace solutions based upon common sense:

Is it too difficult to get your healthy nutrition that improves health maintenance (IHM) from a cold bowl of "superfood" cereal and a cup of energized water? Is that too hard to imagine if it offers HOPE for improved health maintenance to any living person in the world today?

6. Who are the target audiences for your campaign?

As a general answer, we want all people to know about the alternatives we have discovered that exist to getting better. To live with a disease is to know that you can still fight back with knowledge. You can empower the victims and the friends/loved ones of the victims with better choices. In many situations, you can be a person who is positive even with the disease. You may be able to live well beyond diagnosis with many more productive years with family, friends, and causes that will outlive us all. The Wellness Community , as an example, provides an excellent model for persons living with cancer - they are referred to as "recovering" as long as they are alive.

On a more specific target group: We have devoted much time and attention to changing the developing habits of children in schools all around the United States (as just one example). Now with implementation supported via this Grant, such schools will have a chance to relate to a new brand of water. For example, the concept of "Better Water, Better World (BW2)" provided by the "Hygiene Booth Water Drop (HBWD)" has been developed via ABC4All: . We are also collaborating with other entities such as The MYIA Foundation ( ). MYIA wants to develop a distribution network and a fundraiser for "HIP HOP Water" that stands for: "Health In Performance" "Human Outreach Program," representing a very detailed and deliberate program of Nutrition and Health that impacts youth. We can join other ongoing programs by bringing in much needed grant money and support via the very same campaigns that become the infrastructure of this endeavor.

7. What geographic areas will you target?

For purposes of narrowing the focus of the immediate campaign, we are concentrating in these areas:

  1. HIV/AIDS populations in US cities. Additional applications will be developed for other countries, such as nations of Africa, based upon prior research and access to South Africa associates and other entities. The goal: Ensure there are more servings than needed by the people who will consume the cold cereal and water. Through this means we can begin to help millions by the day.

  2. School Children who can learn from the examples before them that help, including teaching aids and supplemental deliverables that will be circulated in already established organizations. Via the MYIA Foundation, Girls and Boys Clubs in local areas of San Francisco, CA are just a few more examples of getting the word out to athletically minded youth and adults.

  3. A planned campaign to reach out to the Special Olympics will be also a message of choice to children born with malformed limbs or other handicaps, but who can develop their potential to the very best, even with physical limitations in tow.

8. What message(s) would you like to communicate through your campaign?

For purposes of narrowing the focus of the immediate campaign, we are concentrating on HOPE. The main message is that HOPE as an acronym can mean:





HELP: Help is on the way.

OPPORTUNITY: With proper help, Opportunity will assist the thinking of people with a supposed "death sentence" or a reality call that they never can get totally healed. Instead, they can manage their lives with an entirely different - better - mindset.

POTENTIAL: Potential of a being a Star. Every day offers the Potential for another successful day to live it to the fullest as your own personal Star and to be a shining example to others; and

EDUCATION: Education coming from our collective organizations will enhance the struggle for survival. Help available will permit a transition to ways we ALL can do our very best. HOPE is a what it is all about. Both RJC Consolidated, Inc. (RJC) and Enlightened Health Corporation (EH) will deliver better and faster. Once we receive the help of this grant...we will overcome all obstacles to helping the world become a better place in which ALL can live.

Please refer to "From the Dark to Hope:"

And to the Flash Poetry of A Better Community for All:

BBMG It’s How We Live Grant Grant Application Page 3


To make a great campaign, we’re seeking dedicated partners who will give the program their full support.

Please check all of the existing resources you feel you can commit to the campaign if selected.

Campaign Resources for EH[ ] RJC { }

[ ] {X} Internal communications (newsletters, Intranet, memos, staff meetings, retreats, etc.)

[ ] { X} Internal email list (access to pod casting rosters and other 25 organizations/governments, individuals in the know; politicians present and past, including chambers of commerce in S.F. Bay area and beyond)

[ ] { } Office Signage (posters, lobby displays, etc.)

[ X] { X} Public Website

[ ] { } Customer/member e-newsletter

[ ] {X} Customer/member email list

[ ] {X} Customer/member mailing list

[ ] { } Customer/member print newsletter

[ ] { X} Postage for customer/member mailing

[ ] { X} Advertising/ Media Buy (pod casting resources just aligned—7-22-06)

[ ] { X} PR support

[ X] { X} Events

[ ] { X} Other (Please explain below)

Are there other resources you can bring to the project to support its implementation (e.g. dedicated staff, existing media partnerships, in-house production facilities, etc)? if so, please describe them here….

We are a collective of a number of non-profit groups and networks of many organizations, all of whom cannot be mentioned as co-sponsors or future sponsors. Neither time nor space allows us to mention them all, but to highlight just a few:

Barbara Lee, an Oakland based Representative of Congress had followed the steps of Ron Dellums in his political career and today vows to help us in any way possible to reach out to the Communities in Congress and in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, two unique lady Senators from California, can assist us also in making statements about our expanding campaign. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California and First Lady Maria Shriver will have an opportunity to highlight the needs of a healthier generation of leaders. Such a campaign will meet a huge need for one of the most progressive states in the union.

National Campaigns with

1) Business Contacts including the National Chambers of Commerce and newsletters aligning with the National Heritage Foundation or

2) IBI Contacts (international global network of cooperating/collaborating CEOs, with Bob Chew a full active member for greater than one year):

3) Personal Contacts including 25 optional support entities associated with our inner circle that will offer their expertise and motivation to bring on board other donors and contributors to the cause—once we are on board as the chosen winner.

We will appreciate the opportunity to align with BBMG's top 8 major sponsors and resources to see how quickly we can leverage our platform and reach out to millions with less capital outlay in the beginning with such a wonderful opportunity to showcase the mutual work. With such cooperation as that provided by this Grant, we can create a "universal message together." Pod Casting will become a very effective tool in this maiden launch in CyberSpace and Niche Market Studies we plan to conduct.

Recent developments allow us to capture corporate sponsors who will underwrite costs related to "podcasting" and the archived talks, speeches and public events that embrace the ideas and ideals shared here. Collectively we become master affiliates in a new niche market = "To help bring H.O.P.E. (see above) to people and places where there has been limited hope, or at the worst, no hope at all."

Again, please see "From the Dark to Hope:"

BBMG It’s How We Live Grant Grant Application Page 4


4. YOUR PITCH (250 word limit)

We know that every great idea is more than the sum of its parts. So here’s your chance to tell us what gives your cause/partnership

that little extra something that makes it a grant winner. (Please submit your pitch on a separate sheet of paper.)



Enlightened Health Corporation (EH) - nonprofit

RJC Consolidated, Inc. Marketing Group (RJC) - for profit

Merging Missions: Joint resolve to create an awareness of opportunity where none existed before for people/generations of our time.


To start: Address several million people with a message:

Advanced technologies are now available to enable healthy living (rejuvenation) through modern science.

Dispel old habits, provide the means to heal, live, and thrive in the 21st Century.

The models of cooperation begin with the combination of any two or more from the following entities/themes:

CHILDREN (FUTURE): Save Children Now (SCN): Alert people to demand leaders focus on the welfare of children, our future.

EDUCATE: Building a Better Future (BABF) Provide educational opportunities that reduce the divides -- social, cultural and technological.

CHEN4All: Huck-Fin Environmental Education (HFEE) Create an awareness of environmental concerns to help restore our planet.

Community Health, Exercise and Nutrition for All: A Comprehensive, community-wide integrating approach.


RJCMG: The for-profit marketing arm to coordinate and implement the technologies and provide the means for execution.

EH: Offering a new "SuperFood" Cereal (with amino acids & proteins) proven to heal the severest of ill patients.

RJC/EH: Ionized/Enhanced Drinking Water technologies for maximum health.


Objective measurement of conditions before/after implementation. Initial implementation in school districts in San Diego, Alameda or Contra Costa Counties in California within 12 months. The last County is known as the deadliest or most dangerous community—including the former Richmond Unified School District, now called the West County Unified School District.


By signing this grant application, you agree to do the following if you are accepted: (1) Make It Happen! Work in active partnership to

support your cause marketing campaign. (2) Tell Us About It! Share your expectations and experience by completing brief pre- and post-project surveys. (3) Share Your Success! Allow company/organization names, project information and your likeness to be used for promotional purposes by BBMG and its partners. You also agree to abide by the complete Grant Application Rules, and acknowledge and agree that, should you be chosen as a Grant Recipient, you will be required to enter into BBMG’s standard Client Services Agreement, a copy of which is available upon request. Questions? We’ve got answers. Call Naomi Reed at 212.473.4902 x206 or email


Signature of Nonprofit Partner Contact - Kathleen Merholz, Executive Director, Enlightened Health Corporation


Signature of Corporate Partner Contact – Robert Chew, Founder, Vice President Business Development, RJC Consolidated, Inc.