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What would make your personal community better for ALL?
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What would make your personal community better for ALL?

Just read these words - ideas for better communities abound:

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From Iddrisu Abdul-Halik, Ghana

I am high school graduate in Tamale n/r Ghana, West Africa

My community would be better for all when each and every native has it in mean that he or she has the community at heart and will work towards achieving the set goals and problems facing the community. Say education, a community can develop when the level of education is high or better than average, hence when literates are more than illiterates, but what do we see nowadays? A parent would prefer to send the child to a work place rather than take him/her to school.

If you ask the parent why? the reason he/she would give would be finances...! which is very unfortunate since nobody or any foreign investor would like to trade with illiterates..and also the introduction of modern parameters to do things would make things move faster, and without education this can't be possible. I am from a deprived area, and I would be grateful if I can get the support to fight against this problem..actually my community schools are lacking educational materials which lowers the spirit of parents to send their wards to school, so am ready to take any project assigned to me to help my community..I would be grateful to hear favorably from any individual or group to conclude "education as they say is the key to success" so my community can be better for All when each and every child is educated.


From Yashoda, Nepal

Make best use of your time and utilize it to the maximum height...then we can make a better community for all....coz if everyone will use his or her time in good things like volunteering, advocating and others....then lets imagine the scenario of this world.


From Basistha Nepal (Nepal), ABC4All Mentor

Celebrations note as well thankfulness forthe good cause approved by 200

Honorable People,
Kindly do receive my sincere appreciation for the goal reached to 200. It is not the extension of goal which did mattered ever. It is the extension of the work we did together. Thanxs founders so we are able to get mentored within ourselves and make the world more better than did we existed earlier. We all live in small hemisphire of ourselves.the network of the global mentorship has broughted newer insights and making ourselves more able to doing the good causes we are striving to make change of in our localities. We are not thinking we are alone. there issome other fellows whoare too helping us. we have the we feelings developed within us. 
I have not been just two weeks or so but the inertia within me has been upgraded a lot. I've begun seeing potentent within the reach of so many enable people and being in touch of them my capabiliites are grwing better and better. Say what would be when all of the tigians wil be mentoring each other.Heaven would be formed within our little spheres we live  upon.
Please strive forthe May 1 the global love day be felt near your hemisphire of the little world you live every momment. please be free to give your unconditional love.
With unconditional love and care,
I remain please.

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Subject: [abc4allglobalteam] Goal Reached: 200 - New Goal: 300!

From ABC4All
TIG: http://profiles.tigweb.org/abc4all

We have reached 200! New goal:  300 for the ABC4All Commitment

The ABC4All Commitment continues among the top 10 on TIG!

We started with a goal of 50.  Then 100, then 200 and now 300!

200 TIG Members have signed on to the ABC4All Commitment:

"Commitment to work with ABC4All Mentors towards improvement in local
communities throughout the world."

To date we have ABC4All Mentors in 103 countries:

To date we have 10 countries with Local ABC4All efforts:

We will continue our efforts across the world:


Burton Danet, Ph.D.
Co-Founder, ABC4All

OO The eyes and ears of the wOrld are upon us! OO

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project


From Karen Fiala N.D and George W. Fiala B.Com (Economics), Founders of Alterquest (Australia)

When regular people come together and seek out solutions which are practical and positive and then the whole community implements these concepts, this would make life better for all. We have formed www.alterquest.org as a way to help folks in local communities all over the planet take control over their situation and their future.


From Sahr Yillia, Director, CHILD RESCUE MISSION CRM (Liberia/Sierra Leone)

My personal community will be better for all because I feel compassionate about people being excluded from certain places or situations. Therefore, I have committed and dedicated my entire soul and life to advocate for positive changes for all regardless of their status or positions.


From G. Suresh Kumar, Positive Awareness Service Society (PASS) (India)

I am Suresh Kumar.G from India. I am working among the dalit (neglected) youth development. Education only can make our community better for all. My motto is in my service: INSTEAD OF GIVING A FISH, WE TRAIN THEM TO CATCH A FISH. So I need good ideas, funding opportunities and some suggestions for our service towards a better community.


From Ni Ni Tin (Germany)

We hope to make change, but we want big change with big activites to impact all!

I am an active youth. I hope if I can make change in the world, then with help from all the youth in the world, we can make international groups to defend human rights, especially youth rights. I help create alot of festivals and avtivites for the youth with help from some of my friends and some associations. Thanks a lot.

Best wishes.


From Majed Abusalama (Palestine)
TIG name Majed Abusalama

What would make your personal community better for ALL?

We hope to make change, but we want big change with big activites to impact all!

I am an active youth. I hope if I can make change in the world, then with help from all the youth in the world, we can make international groups to defend human rights, especially youth rights. I help create alot of festivals and avtivites for the youth with help from some of my friends and some associations. Thanks a lot.
Best wishes.


from Vinod Bodhankar (India)

I would search history to find the non-divisive issues on which this community was excited and surged to converge and tackle crisis-periods successfully.

I would revive those memories and place a wider vision which urges the local community to work together with other such communities - always searching for and urging a wider-than-the-past convergence.

I would constantly relate the past achievements and the tales of past heroes who need to be emulated in the wider context - always a wider-than-the-past context - ALWAYS wider and wider and wider towards All Inclusive Oneness...

I would point out the most important aspect of this convergence - that each person in this movement must first nurture and strengthen THE PERSONAL FEELING OF RESPONSIBLE-OWNERSHIP OF THE WHOLE COMMUNITY AND ITS RESOURCES - again, always within a wider and wider context which aims for widening the feeling of responsible-ownership until the global citizen is born who sees the whole planet as HIS OWN and sees it as belonging to EVERYONE too.

Only when the RESPONSIBLE_OWNERSHIP comes does a person act without hesitation and with no fear of obstacles.

The earth is MINE. The trees are MINE. The oceans are MINE. The Air is MINE. The people are MINE. The future of all children is MINE to protect....

This is enough reason to protect these.

When such people meet they say: The earth, trees, oceans, air, people and children are OURS.

But the intensity of 'MINE' keeps one on the job even though millions who give lip-service to 'OURS' do not actually work with that one.

CONCLUSION: The most important thing to introduce in any community, local to global, is:

The sense of Oneness with Everything which evolves into RESPONSIBLE-OWNERSHIP.



Commmunity dialogue: Characterised by a continous exchange of views, opinions and ideas among people or groups of people about an issue or concern in order to build a common understanding and promote individual, family and community action to improve their situation.
from Richard Bbaale, Uganda

from MR.NJOYA MATHIAS, Cameroon

Give the kids something to do...

My personal community can be better if the young people & the older people can come together and ..come to an agreement.i mean reconcialiation between age groups.The people in our community needs orientation,knowledge so that they can get out from their ignorance...thanks

In a perfect world, I would turn the clock back 200 years and ban all chemicals that have migrated into the eco-system and caused a poisoned food chain. All complex molecules, including plastics, DDT, bio-toxins will disappear; and species of fish, bird, animal life will be reborn again.

Have cultural fairs, more town get togethers, fundraisers and walks for diseases, town lecture halls, and stuff like that just to get together.

Definitely, A better, prosperous personal community can further better community as a whole. Education, insight, belief in equality and prosperity.

We will never neglect education which to say, "learn to understand ourselves and see clearly how to go about solving of problems like starvation and Hardship etc".

A mini park where kids can play especially soccer and other sports

Making sure that every body has a positve life without many problems such as hunger, lack of water, good environment and most of all, tollerance to one another's beliefes even if they don't agree with what we think.

Communinal labor,Volunteering,and shearing of ideas.

enough of pure love, happiness and eradication of abject poverty that persist in major african societies

By making all the youth to know what is ought to do at the right time.

If people stop discrimation because one is different from you. Infact we must take these differences as diverse ideas to solving our problems. We are one as a people.

How can cultures be enhanced by interacting with one another? Can international cultural exchanges promote understanding of peoples across borders?...individuals will make close friendships around the world, that is, that countries will become known to them in terms of close friends rather than as abstract places on a map, or as stereotypes built from ignorance or limited experience...individuals will become aware of basic likenesses of all humans, and at the same time that they will come to know and appreciate differences

I just heard that 20 million people in the USA are taking Yoga. I believe when the number reaches twice that again, the world will be a better place for all.

Equitable distribution of resources and sustained observance of respect for individual freedoms and upholding the rule of law.

The Oneness is our generation of youth I guess my best understanding of this work is that these youth are ‘gifted and talented,’ but not in the ways, we normally understand those terms. They are talented in diverse ways -- as any young people are. Though often they are not allowed the opportunity to shine because authority figures believe activities like the arts and athletics should be denied to students, whose behavior in regular classroom settings is causing problems for the teacher. We know it really should be the other way -- these students need more, rather than less, arts and activity time. They are ‘gifted’ with difficult experiences that they will have to struggle to overcome. What they need is a way to articulate these experiences, grow from them, bond with others because of them, and then they can make a big difference in the world.. It was that much more beautiful because of where it was growing.”The arts offer an important juvenile justice strategy for many communities

One of the first things I think young people, especially nowadays, should learn is how to see for yourself and listen for yourself and think for yourself. Then you can come to an intelligent decision for yourself. If you form the habit of going by what you hear others say about someone, or going by what others think about someone, instead of searching that thing out for yourself and seeing for yourself, you will be walking west when you think you're going east, and you will be walking east when you think you're going west. This generation, especially of our people, has a burden, more so than any other time in history. The most important thing that we can learn to do today is think for ourselves. It's good to keep wide-open ears and listen to what everybody else has to say, but when you come to make a decision, you have to weigh all of what you've heard on its own, and place it where it belongs, and come to a decision for yourself; you'll never regret it. But if you form the habit of taking what someone else says about a thing without checking it out for yourself, you'll find that other people will have you hating your friends and loving your enemies. This is one of the things that our people are beginning to learn today--that it is very important to think out a situation for yourself. If you don't do it, you'll always be maneuvered into a situation where you are never fighting your actual enemies, where you will find yourself fighting your own self.

Early childhood development centers for needy children from two years and above,because it is now true that poor and needy children in the third world countries, is lacking this educational right. As a results of which leads most youth into apprenticeship,which always leads them into immoral acts. My country Ghana for instance, the Northern sector of the country face this problem.

Together we shall do it. My own personal community has something to do any person expecialy ALL. By using my own cotta to affect others in good faith. Therefore, I will make my personal community to better for All.

A cleaner and disease free environment will make my community better for ALL and information Techonolgy for the youth.


Government agencies, Social workers, judges they all make decisions on what is in the BEST interest of Children ... decisions which often determine their destiny. Sadly, when the wrong decisions are made - Children are murdered! They are beaten, tortured, sexually assaulted and murdered.

Who is responsible ?
The One making the decisions!
WE are asking for justice ... for Help!

Help never came for Angellika Nicole Arndt , Isaac Lethbridge,Daniel Jack Matthews, Ricky Holland, Christopher Michael, Sirita Sotelo, Nicholas Contreras, Sarah Angelina Chavez, Martin Lee Anderson,Ebony Smith,Kayla Allen,Candice Raynor......and sadly many, many more but perhaps one day justice will come for them all. For these children, it's too late to turn back the hands of time. May the spirits of those lost rest in peace and may we never forget or ignore what happened to them. http://suncanaa.com/in_memory_

In The Name of Those Children
We are asking For:
-Victims of Child Welfare Memorial Day-
to remember those who have died as a result of Child Welfare in their lives. -

Take Action Send Citizen Request To: The White House: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/986173347

"When will justice come? When those who are not injured become as indignant as those who are." -Leon Tolstoy http://suncanaa.com/in_memory_ Please spread the word and forward this message to your friends and family members.


to voluntarly educate to the youth and children their rights of education, better health services as well as gender empowerment

The emancipation of true global citizens,Intensifying our desires and faith in the HEALING of our communities. Above all using FAITH against FATE!

a heaven


Educating the members about how Cooperation and love among themselves can lead them to development.

Bringing up children with positive minds since they are the roots of the future. The world in which we live is better or worse when we are better or worse. It should begin right from children.

Peace and harmony will make my community better for all. Because without this two things, there is never a place for postive development. Furthermore, I will like to see a community where one voice, one policy, one interest and one language is the order of the day. That is why I'm inclined to manage a soccer team in my local community, because soccer has all it takes to achieve these goals.

I would like to help my community get saved and prevented from all bacteria that come from dirty water that we have in the year 2007.


...it was interesting that you speak of the first 1000 days of the ONENESS MOVEMENT at which time people and projects will come together and flourish as they bring healing to a broken world.

I believe that Humanity will soon realize that civilization is about to experience what is referred to in the Bible as the Rapture and Tribulation. We are Pre-Tribulation right now. There are many factors and events taking place in our world which were foretold by the prophets. There are several biblical scholars that have published materials that if you were to see them with your own eyes, would give you great hope and anticipation of what will be. What this means is our world is about to experience 1000 years of uniting as ONE under God and suffering as we know it will all disappear.

We are part of that journey and as I said before God Speed to us all.


What I'm now fighting hard for is for ABC4All to function as an organisation in Uganda. I feel cheated when I just participate on internet when actually our people this side don't know it, don't have easy access to internet-in terms of costs(meaning that an organisation/or NGO would spread it well). Then with time we would see how to ease technology at least for low-cost internet services.

What I've seen so far, ABC4All is all-inclusive. Started by people (of course of your caliber), we are ready to uphold it. And that's why it's my desire right now to make it upright surely in Uganda, not just by a word of mouth, but physically as a registered organisation in its form. Great time.


In the same spirit, endeavour and diligence, all will assist me personally for a better community.

I would like to tell you that my personnal community would make all to find harmony and to find help for every body specially chidren in the community where I'm living.

I am ready to do it, just to make the world a better place. I know you are not having your office in Nigeria now, so I can start it for you!

I wish my local community would be well updated in IT, ESPECIALLY THE UPCOMING YOUTH, to develop workshop base on supports from NGO's.

Organize some organizations, give my personal cummunity a chance to communicate with all. This is the first step.

When we foster LOVE among our communities and make humanity our virtue regardless of our religious inclination, historical past, racial background, personal well being etc., that's what makes my community better for ALL!


The importance of the "culture of peace" has now been recognized by the world community. Promoting the culture of peace as a fabric that has been woven for generations in all societies. In some places it may be known as tolerance, non-violence or justice. In others, as harmony, solidarity or conviviality. All over the world it has its defenders, some working in obscurity, others in the spotlight of public life. But its scope would be much smaller today had it not been given expression in the disinterested acts of thousands of anonymous men and women capable of listening to others, talking to them and acting with them and on their behalf.

Promoting the concept of “culture of peace” through arts projects can have a great impact on our comunity. Our firm belief is that if every school transforms into a “Peace School”, these and other violent trends will significantly decrease and in the future become isolated incidents or nonexistent. In addition, we anticipate the atmosphere in each school will transform into a highly positive learning environment. Our model creates a constructive school environment, which translates into an enhanced climate for learning and ultimately academic achievement. The model also develops social-emotional competencies and self-control, which translates into improved problem-solving, self-management, and conflict resolution behaviors and ultimately less violence.


I think that would happen by the co-operation of people together to achieve the best they can do for the community, and this co-operation has many faces: Empowering education, gender equality, child care, eradicate poverty, social justice and human rights and the most important -- raise awarenes of everything required for an idealistic community -- and that every person must be positively effective.


My personnal community would make to stay together for making a very goog thing because when you do something together thet result is positive.


Hello Wang Zhaoqiang,

The importance and relevance of what you say suggests that the comment you offer be placed in both places:

Building Blocks for Better (B3) Communities


Thank you for such a profound statement that sums it up perfectly as we are about to have the first online conference with ABC4All Mentors and supporters.



Hi, thanks for your email to me. Yes,"WE ARE ONE:" It is so great.

Yes, there is only one earth. And the internet makes us close to each other. Everyone on the Earth should have equal rights to gain his need and should have equal responsibility to deal with the global problem together.

Pray for the better life of people and the better environment for the Earth.

--Wang Zhaoqiang

Law Enforcement Agencies along with community members need to abolish pop up ads on the Internet because the majority of the pop ups contain child pornography. They need to apprise the community how prolific this operation of destroying children's lives "really" is as opposed to allowing the cover up and the potential of innocent people being arrested for possession. ISP blockers work but the photos of crimes against children are thrown on the computer and there they stay. People can no longer afford to turn their heads and look away!

The community must become less self absorbed. Not withstanding environmental issues that need to be addressed. Sign the Petition Against Child Pornography! -- Angel from Angels at Work

Feelings of love and respect to all components of the community. --Rohit Shah

By keeping peace in the community and respecting one another doing entrepreneurial skills and developmental projects, doing talent identification and respecting God and uniting.
--Fred Kayiwa, Uganda

The young people especially who comprise the larger community, should come up with organizations, and thereby strengthen the institutional capacity of this organizations and youth groups. Scale up leadership capacities of the relevant youth groups in their respective communities through training in management and leadership skills. Put in place mechanisms to attract more young members and be relevant to their communities. Incorporate older members of the community who have relevant and vital skills to help in the management of this youth groups. --Sean Amos, Kenya
Respecting Nature and helping others respect Nature too makes my personal community better for all. It is in this spirit that our association of clubs at Egerton University has come together to start a campaign that will see the whole of Egerton University becoming green and at the same time learning how to coexist with the environment around them.

It is our belief that everyone will venture in different fields. But there is one common factor that we shall all share. This is the environment. If the environment around us is perfect, then it becomes easy to let another friend get better. If the environment is no more, then even with millions of DOLLARS in the pockets, we are heading nowhere. We want to live in this world as a better place for all, and not just for our generations, but for GENERATIONS to come. It is for this reason that I shout for all the youth, all the older generation, every child and anyone who cares to spread the world, to GO GREEN, PLANT THE BILLIONTH TREE and help make the world GREEN. --Erick Ochieng Otieno, Keyna

When all are responsible for protecting the natural resources like the forests and the swampy areas. I hope this will keep the community better and have a good future too.
--Fred Kayiwa, Uganda
We have to take care of our community by loving each other, care for each other, give a healthy hand to each other. We have to stop corruption and killing each other. We are all created by one GOD who created us all, placed us in His heart for us to live in peace and harmony.
I believe there are some things we never forget - love, tolerance, peace. I belive we have to teach the kids Good things and educate them to care in order for them to be brought up properly and in a respectable manner. The kids are the future of tommorow. If we don't do that when we are older than they are, how can they be in a decent community when they are not taught these things? We have to make them, in our culture, include them in any activity talking about development. It is out of love GOD who created us we share this love and make the world a better place. We are all giving diffrent types of ideas about better development of communities - that's right. I really love that, and I pray to GOD to bless us all and make us achieve this endeavour. But there is one thing I also believe -- action speaks louder than voice, so let's try and bring this to action! GOD bless us all. --Mohamed Barrie, Guinea
MORE FROM Mohamed!
* To create a fast track process for the self-realisition of youths and their overall development as strategy for coping with the economic toll and psychological damages of war.
* To create a reliable and efficient network through which youths all over the world can easily and rapidly access valuable information that will be beneficial to them or by which agencies serving them can reach them.
* To gurantee healthy and useful productive lives for youths through sensitisation on health issues, including drug abuse activities.
* To work with the relevant agencies in the public and private sector in the fight against HIV/AIDS and to sensitise youths and their commmunities on the implication of the disease for national development.
* To enhance the empowerment of young women by incorporating gender sensivity into all aspects of the youth policy and programmes.
* To mobilise youths of all ages to replace the culture of violence with a culture of peace, dialogue and responsible citizenry through intensive campaigns, value education programmes and life skill training.
* It the responsibility of parents and guardians to ensure that youths within the age of 15-18 grow up in an environment of warmth, affection, security and stability.
*It is the responsibility of parents and gurdians and relevant authorities in society to ensure protection to the young without overpowering them.
* It is the responsibility of parents and gurdians to enhance the phisical, psychological, sociological and economic development of youths.
* If the axe is dull and its edge is not sharp, more strength will be needed, but with proper development of skills, the result will bring success.
CONCLUSION: Let's try and bring success to our efforts!
I believe we can make the world a better place where the weak, the heavily ladened and the downtrodden will live in peace and harmony, and this can only be achieved through our collective effort.
Akandu Chinedu Lordson
Eddie Boston-Mammah from Sierra Leone:

Our greatest dreams to make our community better is to give great help to the following needs which are now for less priviledged children in the community in order for them to enjoy the benefits of other children.

1. To Educate children in our community now more than 56 children.
2. Good food. So that they can have the normal adequate day-to-day meals.
3. To give great attention in Health Care Service for the community.
4. To create shelter for those childreen who lost their parents in the past rebel war.
5. Clothing is vital for the community as they desperately need clothes, Uniforms etc.

With these taken into consideration, it will definitely develop the community and become better for ALL.

I believe by putting your community together, educating the skills and teaching the people about peace and interest for mankind, sharing love, equal rights and justice. Helping the children to go to school and giving respect to elders will bring a better community in society. --Mohamed Barrie, Guinea
We may make a better community if we all would start caring for each other instead of fighting against each other.
If we all would start listening to the cries instead of closing our ears.
If we all would stop ingoring what is going on in this world, we would surely make a better community.
We do not need much to make a better community!!! We just need US with a strong will.
Where there is a WILL!!! THERE IS ALWAYS "A WAY" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
--Pat (US)
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