Burton Danet encountered life-altering car/pedestrian vs. auto accidents, starting with the first (1966) with his wife, Marsha, about a year after their marriage. All related issues, both physical and emotional, that would cause many to give up on life and turn to numbing sedatives/pain killers have instead been met head-on. The ability to contend and deal with major challenges in living demonstrated by Burt suggests the human spirit can be strong and overcome adversity, something many might not be aware is possible.

After 1966, periodic, severe physical challenges were forced upon the couple. Traditionally Burt, despite his own "challenges," as Marsha refers to them, rather than "disabilities," was the sole income-earner. He was the "strong one," taking care of Marsha’s requirements in daily living she could not do herself. Some aspects of their story were referenced in a 1989 book: "Living Creatively With Chronic Illness: Developing Skills For Transcending The Loss, Pain and Frustration" by Wheeler/Dace-Lombard, with its dedication: "…to people who cope with chronic illness and inspire our lives with their creative living."

After being forced to retire from Clinical Psychology/Psychoanalysis in the late '80s due to intractable pain (herniated disks, other physical challenges), Burt focused on co-founding "A Better Community For All (ABC4All)," a global humanitarian effort aimed at continuous matching/doubling charitable contributions created both on and off the internet. As he dealt with major physicals ills, his dogged determination led him both on a rehabilitation crusade and facilitation of ABC4All.

Efforts made with business associate/ABC4All Co-Founder, Bob Chew, are aimed at solving issues that plague our planet. Some of the cutting-edge information has the promise of revolutionizing health care. The focus: Disease prevention, health maintenance. Example released 06/01/04: "Plasma Activated Water (PAW)" which can solve many global problems. A case report by Burt only hints at the unimaginable, extraordinary health benefits achieved from being privileged to drink this unique, simple yet scientifically developed, new water(!) soon available commercially: Other confidential developments offer solutions involving light/high speed rail, environmental friendly construction.

Burt and Marsha created a strategy to avoid assisted living in 2000:

Burt’s rehabilitation crusade forced him to heal not just from multiple life-altering car accidents but also from major injuries caused in a triple trip/fall accident: "From Flying Over Cement to A Better Community For All:" Hospitalization, followed by inpatient rehabilitation stays ended with forced self-discharge when it became apparent the couple faced eviction. Burt prematurely took off casts from two broken wrists, returned to work at Medical Transcription despite pain to support the couple (disability income did not suffice).

During the next year, Marsha became "the strong one," accompanied Burt to 30 doctor visits. A post-traumatic stroke then caused new challenges and renewed rehabilitation efforts: "From Flying Over Cement to A Better Community For All (ABC4All)! Case Report A Year Later: Left Pontine Stroke and Recovery with A Natural Discovery: Thermo-Peutic® for Total Body Therapy:"

All  of the challenges have not prevented Burt’s dedication to continue the ABC4All efforts. In September 2004, the Foundation of A Better Community For All (FABC), a National Heritage Foundation, launched ( together with "The Triple Giving Program (ABC4AllGGG)™: ( ABC4All now will offer paths to "Health Heights" than can be helpful to many:

A current ABC4All focus is a community-based approach aimed at overcoming the obesity epidemic: "Community Health, Exercise and Nutrition for All (CHEN4All):"

With unimagined well being restored, Burt joins core supporters of ABC4All, so the dream/mission can be fulfilled: "Maximizing Charitable Contributions on and off the Internet"™ (

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