In Our Midst - Can a Scientist Be an "Angel on Earth?"

by Burton Danet, Ph.D.

Video graciously by YUBUPA!

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One of our Torrance, California residents is an "Angel on Earth."

Dr. George Paskalov, a physicist by profession, has, with his team, recently made a discovery in a physics laboratory in Southern California. 

The discovery is called, "Plasma Activated Water (PAW)." The water, used for cooling purposes in very hot plasma experiments and applications, up to 10,000 degrees, was discovered by this Team to have unusually beneficial properties, causing the scientific team to augment their usual activity with studies of the water.

So they first studied about 30 properties of the water.  One amazing discovery is that one form of the water is proven by independent laboratory testing to be antiviral and antibacterial!

As the scientists grew accustomed to consuming the water (both themselves and their families), they began to notice some unusual phenomena: For example, the grandson of the CEO became the only child in his school who never got sick like all the other children.

The many applications of the discovery are significant, including:

--providing potable water where polluted waters exist;

--extension of consumable fruit (strawberries);

--improved milk production;

--ability to sanitize medical/dental instruments, hospitals, ERs, ORs, hotel rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. without chemicals;

--enhanced agriculture;

--treatment of sewage contaminated water

--and many other applications.

The above applications have been validated scientifically and field-tested. Additional work continues to document these findings. Further potential applications are dramatic.  If one talks with those who have had the opportunity to sample consuming the water, there unfolds a story containing information that has not been available to people up until now.

This phenomenon is reflected in a Thesis on Plasma Activated Water (PAW) written by Joshua Liebow for his B.A. Degree in Psychobiological Medicine at the University of California, Santa Cruz: "Water Treatment for the Not So Distant Future." Contained within the thesis is "The Water Drop Story." 

The potential for extending the benefits of Plasma Activated Water (PAW) around the globe suggests that Dr. Paskalov and his Team can be considered the equivalent of "Angels on Earth" since they stumbled across a discovery that is turning out to have such amazingly wonderful properties.

Truly fortunate to have Dr. George Paskalov in our midst, the South Bay Community can begin to celebrate a discovery that holds the potential for "Global Humanitarian Relief:"

Respectfully submitted,

Burton Danet, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist (Retired)