Community Empowerment Through Local ABC4All

NEW! First ANNUAL Local ABC4All/Somalia/Somaliland Achievement Recognition Day!
The Local ABC4All/Somalia/Somaliland do not stop with their outstanding success from the first effort. Planning is underway to create an Annual Recognition Day!
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LOCAL ABC4All / Somaliland creates a "shot that was fired" and that can be "heard around the world!"

ABC4All Mentor, Ms. Fosia Eidle declared her hope that the Local ABC4All will bring change,
that this change will be globally heard today:

"What we do here will not stay inside this community but it will be something that can be heard and learned about from a distance. We can see the local media here with us and ABC4All will be our Global Media to make us an example to see what people can do internally. The term, "ABC4All" is making change from a distance and creating sustainable opportunities (a better community for all)."

Ms. Eidle concludes:

"I wish that ABC4All will continue to inspire the rest of the world."

ABC4All Co-Founder, Robert Chew, states:

"We can not sit by and watch only. We are responsible for the equivalent "shot that was fired and heard around the world" only this idea has been all about building, and empowering communities with little or however limited resources that will make a difference.... We promise to offer help and to show that a little generosity will go a long, long way to motivate others to act now."



LocalABC4All / SOMALILAND-SOMALIA - A Review of the Event

Fosia Eidle describes her inspiration to create the first Local ABC4All:
"Coach, Facilitator, Leader, a Role model for me, my group and the rest of ABC4All Mentoring TEAM + their beneficiaries"

Somalia/Somaliland National Anthems

Click Here for the Music of the Somalia National Athem Heard Through Your Speakers!
Click Here for the Music of the Somaliland National Anthem Heard Through Your Speakers!

The song "Soomaaliyey toosoo" is a well-known folk song in Somalia, and was sung even before independence.
The lyrics are appropriate to the country in a rebuilding stage.

"Somaliyaay toosoo" (Somalia Wake Up)

Somaliyaay toosoo
Toosoo isku tiirsada ee
Hadba kiina taag daranee
Taageera waligiinee.

Ummadyahay mar kale toosoo
Calankiinna wada tiirshoo,
Danta guud ku taagsada oo
Isu wada tanaasula eey.


Somalia wake up,
wake up and join hands together
and we must help the weakest of our people
all of the time.

Tue, Apr 3, 2007 at 3:27 PM
To: fosia eedle <eidlefosia (at) yahoo (dot) com>
Your message is so well taken, Fosia. The fact is that if such an accomplishment can happen in one location, it can happen again - both in the original location and any location in the world. It is such an important and wonderful lesson for us all to learn. It is clear many will look at your example and understand the potential for improvement in local communities.
All the best to everyone in your group including all who attended that amazing all-day event.

On 4/3/07, fosia eedle <eidlefosia (at) yahoo (dot) com> wrote:
Dear Burt,

Thank you very much for giving concern to send me the Award, I hope through ABC4All we will filter the world -- imagine for only one day of launching Local ABC4All, we got free scholarships for 22 children. ABC4All can facilitate us to make something good from the difficulties.

April 2, 2007 Migane28 has sent you a message:
Dear Burt, For the day that the local ABC4All event took place in Somalia, I realy believed that there is alot that can be done for such a needy people, and I was very happy to hear one of the delegates saying I personally contributed 22 scholarships. That is the time I believed that we can really do a better change through ABC4All. You realy inpired us to work as it is. I also have to thank you for the website so that I can even see my picture personally is there in the abc4allsomalia website. I am not forgetting Fosia who really did such good work and motivated all those people to come together. This becomes an example of what I hope is to see more collaboration for ABC4All. -- Mustafe Farah Migane
Let's create a Message for All

To: Richard Trieber <rtrieber (at) global-loyalty (dot) com> cc: Robert Bob Chew <abcbob (at) gmail (dot) com>
Hi Richard,

Research has revealed that the National Anthem in Somalia adopted in 2000 has these translated lyrics:

Somalia Wake Up (National Anthem)
Somalia wake up,
wake up and join hands together
and we must help the weakest of our people
all of the time.

"We must help the weakest of our people all of the time."

Thus the FIRST LocalABC4All,

"Empowerment Through Local ABC4All"

Held in Somalia becomes a symbol and a


Here we have a war-torn country with no active government and in the middle of all the chaos that exists

the PEOPLE have created an initiative.

They have taken a stand for anyone to behold in the world.

Somalians create a LocalABC4All to empower the people to make a difference locally.

What does this mean?

The symoblic message sent by the Somalians involved includes the fact that ANYONE in the world - no matter how poor the living conditions might be locally -- can stand up for what is right in the world and create local resources to unite diverse people together in UNITY and, as one, create the resources that will make the community better for all.

This all happened in Somalia while such intense war/fighting is going on.

Clearly what the People of Somalia did to create this event is possible anywhere in the world where there is desire to work together to improve conditions.

Let's see how we might extrapolate this into a message for ALL HUMANITY as part of H4H4H.



To: Burt Danet abc4allteam (at) gmail (dot) com
Hi Mentors,

I'm very happy to write to you this moment. The reason being the greatest achievement we have about our first Africa mandated action taken by setting up a local branch of ABC4All/SOMALIA.

Somalia being one of the poorest in Africa and a war zone still acheived this? It calls for a big celebration. ABC4All Humanitarian of the Year Award 2007 was just what I expect.

I call on all of us to emulate this. Just imagine, they did not wait for the model local branch, no information about what they were putting together. They just created an action - that was their thought.

That's great!.


Yours Respectfully,


Thank you for your comments Yakubu. They will be found on the Somalia page at

In one word, your comment suggests a well-deserved CHEER for Somalia.

If we could all CHEER for Somalia, perhaps we would raise our voices, but it would be to CHEER and not to shout about a problem! As we continue to work together throughout the world, we will celebrate just as you suggest. When we can we will sing or play "A World Anthem" as we help communities become better for all. Clearly what the People of Somalia did to create this event is possible anywhere in the world where there is desire to work together to improve conditions.


fosia eedle <eidlefosia (at) yahoo (dot) com> Sat, Mar 31, 2007 at 6:20 AM
To: ABC4All <abc4all (at) gmail (dot) com>
Dear Burt:

Greatings from Somalia, I am happy to share with you the local ABC4All / Solvoy together with youth CBO launched campaign ABC4All locally here in Hargeisa, Somalia.

Attached are some photos of the event. We are also happy that we persuaded one of the delegates called Hassan Awale Aynan and member of Somaliland Parliament who announced that he provided a secondary and intermdiate scholarship opportunity for 15 youth and 7 children within the event. The people who attended the event were from the Somaliland Parliament, local government council, political parties, youth organizations and Umbrella and community. Youth group from statehouse presented drama, which encourages youth groups to attend education centres and stop chewing. The final report will be submitted later as soon as possible.

Yours truly,
Fosia Eidle
Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (GYCA), National Focal Point for Somalia


ABC4All <abc4all (at) gmail (dot) com> Sat, Mar 31, 2007 at 8:34 AM
To: fosia eedle <eidlefosia (at) yahoo (dot) com>
Cc: Robert Chew <abcbob (at) gmail (dot) com>, Richard Trieber <rtrieber (at0 global-loyalty (dot) com>
Hello Fosia Eidle,

It is both a joy and an honor to see what your group has done in Somalia. You have taken my breath away and have left me speechless, however, I have sent your email to Bob Chew, ABC4All Co-Founder to start to share your news and will now create a web page at http://abc4all.net/abc4allsomalia.htm to document your inspirational and outstanding efforts.

This is the FIRST LocalABC4All Public Event.

You did not wait for the model LocalABC4All to be in place.

You took MANDATED ACTION: http://abc4all.net/wtwnn.htm

You did What The World Needs Now.

You are a supreme example of the
CELEBRATION OF ONENESS Movement http://abc4all.net/coomovement.htm

You offer the world a model example of what the PEOPLE working together can achieve
as an independent, self-motivated grass roots organization interested in helping their local
community become better for all.

You send the world the message that THERE CAN BE HOPE.




If it can be done by the initiative of people in Somalia, it can be done by people anywhere in the world.

My congratulations and hat goes off to you and to everyone in your group who arranged for this and to every single participant who attended. Please extend my best wishes and hope for a better community for all in the world just because people in Somalia cared enough to create an example for the world that is a FIRST.

There is only one response to your action:

You are awarded the

Please provide an address to which the award can be sent to you.

Your information will be located at http://abc4all.net/abc4allsomalia.htm

Cordially, respectfully, and in absolute AWE for what you, your group, and the People of Somalia have done together,


P.S. Bob Chew with his company, RJC Consolidated, Inc., is using "AWE" to represent the needs of people on the planet:


If we put a "P" in front of AWE we get
Plasma Activated Water

PAW and other technologies being developed for worldwide implementation
carry the potential for Global Humanitarian Relief:

ABC4All -- both CentralABC4All and LocalABC4All / Somalia -- and ALL
LocalABC4All's in the future -- will bring better conditions for anyone
receptive in the world.



Robert Chew <abcbob (at) gmail (dot) com> Sat, Mar 31, 2007 at 7:45 AM
To: ABC4All <abc4all (at) gmail (dot) com>, Richard Trieber <rtrieber (at) global-loyalty (dot) com>
Cc: BoB Chew <abcbob (at) gmail (dot) com>
To Our CoFounder and Core Team Members:

Well, well, well. Look what we have done in the spirit of uniting the nations around the globe....Global Loyalty will now have its work cut out for all to witness.

The work of ABC4All has been launched this past year and the cooperation and fever pitch of the respondents are going to move mountains or mole hills totally on their own steam.

We can not sit by and watch only. We are responsible for the equivalent "shot that was fired and heard around the world" only this idea has been all about building, and empowering communities with little or however limited resources that will make a difference.... We promise to offer help and to show that a little generosity will go a long, long way to motivate others to act now.

Sooo Burt, what is the next step, when we share the many, many great resources that will be in pamphlet form someday with the ability to launch the way that we can inspire others? Richard Trieber is what is on the plate to serve to the world...with one program at a time....from ABC4All to building Global Loyalty with the newly launched Local Heroes Connecting Community and the Hands 4 Hope 4 All Humanity (H4H4H) Website for with tiny donations at first to larger contributions later.

I am touched, since our beginning emails in the 1990's to now... with well over 200 plus mentors, ambassadors and spokespeople of many faiths, backgrounds and responsibility (self-appointed) community leaders, we are it. There is a THERE in your country that will respond and share the precepts and visions of the meekest on Earth and the very vocal teens or preTeens will be filled with JOY and Love and Warmth, because people across continents shared their heart. What a gift to give to the neighbors of the Americas and what a gift to continue on giving that won't require money to be the only commodity.

Yours truly,

Bob Chew
Co-Founder of ABC4All, for all your dreams to come true...just close your eyes, imagine the task is done and celebrate the victory and share the dream.

What the human mind conceives, it can make real by thoughts and pure intention. Give yourself permission to bless the water throughout the day, and the water will bless you in return. PAW water will touch every culture, continent and before you leave the body, you can think of its healing properties that will be someday reported in the New England Medical Journal for all to behold. From Income Builders International (IBI) graduate: Brett Treadwell, the number 65 translates into "Bless the Water"...Bless the People and the Earth's Inhabitants... When we might think of a speed limit sign, we are blessing ourselves both directly and indirectly through a new sieve of consciousness.

This snippet of comments on the Anniversary of being 104 days after the Launch of the 1000 Days of ABC4All on December 10th 2006 and about 104 days now as we Count Down to 07-07-07 our report to the world on the State of the World in World Affairs and in World Global Healing efforts that will save the planet from further harm. The date is Saturday the 24th of March... we are then exactly 104 days past and 104 days to the landmark date that will only happen around every 1,000 years:
7-7-007 and 7-7-1007 and 7-7-2007 and 7-7-3007

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