INTRODUCING ABC4All : A New Entity / Era for the World

The following are "FOCUS POINTS" (summary and detailed) that are topics and links of interest during the interviews of Burt and Bob.


1. Friends of ABC4All: The potential power of what as little as US$1 can do.

2. ABC4All GlobiVersity: FREE Education 4All!

3. ABC4All Millennium Endowment Fund (ABC4AllMEF): Use the endowment to match/double charitable contributions into perpetuity = Legacy of ABC4All

4. International Project Through Taking IT Global:

ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project: 455 ABC4All Mentors in 86 countries and in well over 200 locations in the world expanding to a global force that will be part of the "CELEBRATION OF ONENESS Movement:"

5. The ABC4All FUNdraising Edutainment Series (ABC4AllFES)TM: FUNdraising via the Arts / Seminars / Events / EXERCISE! and

6. Developing plans for ABC4All-branded money card for instant global transfers supporting worthy causes and those most in need in the world.

7. Improving nutrition / hydration in schools and in homes, the basis for health maintenance and disease prevention.

8. UN announces 2008 as International Year of Sanitation: End Water Poverty is an international campaign calling for sanitation and water for all. There is a growing coalition of like-minded organisations from all over the world demanding immediate action to tackle this crisis. ABC4All has applied for membership/participation with End Water Poverty.

9. Companies with products endorsing ABC4All planning to support the future ABC4AllMEF. Example:

10. Creating $1 Billion Endowment to help 1.8 Billion living in substandard conditions.


1. Formula for establishing minimum value for

a. Friends of ABC4all: Look at a dollar and imagine that the dollar can accomplish much:
b. a dollar is what some companies will spend to get your attn.
c. a dollar is what it takes to keep you on our mailing list for one full year, and maybe
d. the dollar is what you will commit to ABC4all for one full year and to allow us to reach 10 more people.

2. Goal for chew and others at launching the ABC4All GlobiVersity is to commit content to be showcased on the web portal when it is ready.

3. Goal for launching the ABC4All New Millennium Endowment Fund Program (ABC4AllMEF):
a. $25.00 donation can help us to reach 100-525 people via our newly proposed affiliate programs, including b. below.
b. via the permission marketing programs proposed to us, we can reach so many more like minded groups via the permission marketing alliances that allow us to reach them via their newsletters, in house correspondence. etc.

4. With almost 500 mentors (worldwide) we can tap into 80 plus countries; when our new web portal is built and easily navigated.

5. Example after example can be shared with future concerts and FUNdraising ideas to be blogged and shared in the Internet channels we elect to be highlighted per quarter in 2008.

6. Chapters that seek ways to give money via a plastic membership card, should stay tuned to the works of either a VISA card for charity or to sponsor people into "TechnoGiving" of the 2008 era, when we launch mid year, 2008 with a plastic card of our own brand.

7. Find ways creatively to improve the lunch programs of the 87,000 public school systems around the USA and find ways to highlight stories about children building the alliances to share stories about toys for the upcoming international toy museum.

8. Announce the Year of Water with ABC4All, once we are funded with an endowment to get behind some new technological break thrus in water enhancements and to possible pose the new Penguin Unit via the as the first of many solutions for the world.

9. Donations from sales oriented activities will launch the ABC4Aall Giving and Gifting programs of years past.

10. We can seek to amass an endowment of $1 billion with one billion people agreeing to commit the dollar from their allowance, and from their age ranges: 3-5, 6-12, 13-17- 18-21, so that we can classify the donations to help in the 80% range of their personal ages, and to allow the 20% to benefit all ages.