". . .The clues to full health  are hidden throughout the world, in many different healing traditions. It is up to each of us to help navigate our own path to wellness." 

-- Adapted from Parade Magazine November 30, 2003: Healing with an Open Mind by Dr. Mehmet Oz.


           Path of Eight Petals™ Leading to Health Heights™  

          To love deeply in one direction makes us more loving in all others.

            --Anne-Sophie Swetchine (Soimonoff), Russian-French writer  (1782-1857)  

A Better Way Award for noteworthy
contribution to the Natural Health Community.

"Thus, I am not centered on any given thing, But on a multitude of things. All different, yet all united in the freedom of love.  Should you close your door to me for a while.  I shall not become stagnant.  For I shall channel my living waters in another direction. To others whose doors are open."  --From "Giving" by Robert Gordon (by permission)

A Better Community For All (ABC4All) is a state of mind, always determined by an individual who may also belong to a group, in short by YOU, the reader.

The question can be asked,
“What is A Better Community For All?”

The answer always comes from the individual or group to whom the question is posed.

If a better community for all implies making improvements that lead to a better community for its inhabitants, then conceivably spreading deep love “in one direction” as in the quotation above, can have a ripple effect, producing “loving in all others.”

With the above concept of becoming “more loving in all directions” in mind,
ABC4All offers a set of concepts that, if adopted, can assist efforts aimed at making communities better.

ABC4All works to create the New Millennium Business Model (NMBM). With NMBM, ABC4All adopts its mission to turn all profits into an ever-expanding method of “Maximizing Charitable Contributions on and off the Internet”™.

The result?
NMBM becomes the equivalent of spreading good will throughout the world, increasing the amount of loving being spread “in all directions.”

Health Heights™

With the background
NMBM always at work in this way for its members, the Friends of ABC4All (FABC4All) are offered directions of possible paths to take that allow one to reach the greatest possible “Health Height™” for each and every individual or group who chooses to become a Friend of ABC4All (FABC4All) and seek out such a path.

Health Heights™ are available for anyone to reach. The definition of a Health Height™ will always be unique and tailor-made to fit what the individual needs to improve the state of well being. In this way, the Health Height™ achieved will be experienced, endorsed and lived by each person, never with a sense that any belief or system is being imposed on the individual or group. Rather, each individual/group, through discovering the path that leads to achievement of a personal Health Height™, becomes one that is considered as truly one’s own invention that makes sense for personal self-improvement.

The ability to adopt a lifestyle improvement associated with the achievement of a personal
Health Height™ thereby avoids any sense of a disturbing influence tantamount to feeling as if an attempt is being made at brainwashing the individual/group involved.

In short
ABC4All / FABC4All together create a set of new paths for the world aimed at making it possible to have, truly, a better community for all:

The Path of Eight Petals 

Offering new health information that can make a true and positive difference in the health of so many people, everywhere, including those still deprived of adequate water resources and nourishment who are suffering all over the world.


 The potential to change the focus from disease elimination and prevention to “Improving Health Maintenance (IHM)” is the hallmark of

The Path of Eight Petals.


In The Path of Eight Petals, anyone can conduct a search and find a personal path, making it possible to strive for and perhaps reach a higher Health Height™ than s/he may have thought was possible.


With the achievement of such greater health heights in living, the resulting increased satisfaction experienced in living, in turn, allows for more energy to be devoted, by all choosing to do so, to the ABC4All give-back model of conducting business in the world, The New Millennium Business Model (NMBM), in this case referred to as, “ParticiCare™.”


In this manner, there is a never-ending expansion of the good will being generated by the Friends of A Better Community For All (ABC4All).  In turn, the combined effort, once again, makes it truly a better community for all Friends of ABC4All!


The Result? The Path of Eight Petals™.  The Friends of ABC4All (FABC4All), together, make the world a better place for each and every participant.

The Path of Eight Petals

The Path Of Eight Petals is called, “ParticiCare.™”



A Path of Choice by Friends of ABC4All contributing to a

World of Mutual Giving:

 The ABC4All Path of Eight Petals

An ABC4llWorldSolution!™

A concept for Health Care for the 21st Century and Beyond:

Improving Health Maintenance (IHM)