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Starting with the newest country on earth, South Sudan!

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Two Video Examples of HEALING CREATIVITY!

Can choirs worldwide help eliminate the consumption of polluted water? Your ideas are welcome. Learn more at A Clear Focus.
Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief accompanied by vocalists Kamron Hack and Mick Donahue with the BEYOND CATEGORY Band
performing their original "ABC Theme Song," a perfect expression of What The World Needs Now


Working with ABC4All Mentors Across The World addressing the basic question of

'What would help make your personal community better for all?'

via the ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project.

What is involved in becoming an ABC4All Mentor?

Nothing required. Nothing expected. Mentors Volunteer From The Heart! Mentors learn from one another.

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A Better Community for All (ABC4All) is here!

Audio courtesy Vocalists Kamron Hack, Mick Donahue and BEYOND CATEGORY Band


"Lend a Hand" original song created for ABC4All by Ben Mackenzie | A New WWW: Well Water for the World!" by ABC4All Mentor Wilfried Fink (Germany)
ABC4All Universal Message for a Better World presented by Phoenix Voyage | SAVING LIVES: ABC4All FOREVER Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief (FCGHR)


Our History

Follow the story of ABC4All from a small local effort to a global platform offering opportunities

not possible before.

1986 Partnerships for a Better Community (PBC)
Before ABC4All became ABC4All, a local effort to raise funds for nonprofits
in the community was underway. 

1989 Introduction of Burton Danet and Bob Chew who recommended a name change to
A Better Community For All (ABC4All) in order to be near the top of the alphabet!
And thus ABC4All was born!

The Genesis and Chronology of ABC4All.

A 13-year Summary of Development

2012 ABC4All Today:  14 years later 2/2012

ABC4All continues to grow and evolve, adding new mentors as we expand to all countries,

bringing real relief and opportunities for people that were not possible before.

+1 310 712 7477  eMail abc4allteam @ abc4all (dot) net  Skype abc4allteam

P. O. Box 1624, Manhattan Beach, CA 90267-1624

© 2012 ABC4All, Inc. All rights reserved.

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ABC4All has migrated to a SAFE, SECURE Internet Portal free of hacking, spam and viruses.  This has been done in the interest of the protection of ALL associates working with ABC4All as we work together to create Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) and SelfFUNding4All. 

In addition, upon request, ABC4All provides FREE SECURE eMail and ENCRYPTED Email where needed.  To request either, please contact ABC4All via email at abc4allteam (at) abc4all (dot) net.

NOTE:  ABC4All supports nonprofits/NGOs worldwide (more coming):

Nonprofit Offices in California can halve or better their monthly phone bills with FREE telephone equipment donated by a company supporting ABC4All.

We can also raise funds via cellphone and ink cartridge recycling.

To start, please CLICK! here to access the ABC4All Portal4Relief.  From there you can access the Network of Websites now under the TrUnity Platform.

ABC4All is very grateful to TrUnity for all the support that is allowing ABC4All associates to create their own web site or network of sites FREE with the highest upgrades available with no charge ever.  To do so, simply Join the Portal4Relief and from there, after you have joined, click on "Start a Website."

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Burton Danet, Ph.D./Robert Chew
Co-Founders, ABC4All Portal4Relief


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